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Specification of the SPDY protocol
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How To Edit The SPDY Spec

The master copy is stored in draft-mbelshe-spdy-00.xml.  This is a XML file
which uses the syntax defined in RFC2629:
The file rfc2629.xml is a XSLT file which enables the browser to take the
draft-mbelshe-spdy-00.xml and render it.

License: downloading these files and making changes to them is explicit
agreement by you to release any and all changes you make to these documents
into the public domain, with no reservations or rights.  By downloading these
files, you agree that any changes made by you can be used freely and without
terms, reservations, or rights, and possibly without even attribution to you.
Your intent in downloading these files is that all changes to these documents
may potentially be submitted for standardization without your permission, and
without your claim to the content submitted.  If you do not agree to these
terms you are explicitly forbidden from reading, modifying or contributing to
this work in any way.

README                       This file
draft-mbelshe-spdy-00.xml    The SPDY specification XML file                  A script to generate RFC-formats of the SPDY spec
rfc2629.xml                  The XSLT file to view the XML file in the browser
rfcmarkup                    A script to generate HTML from a RFC .txt file

Directions to edit:
1) learn the basic XML syntax
2) edit draft-mbelshe-spdy-00.xml with your favorite editor
3) Open draft-mbelshe-spdy-00.xml in your favortie browser to view.
   I recommend viewing in firefox, as it reports better xml syntax errors than
   chrome does.

Directions to Publish:
1) sudo apt-get install xml2rfc
2) sh ./
   This will build both a txt and html RFC-style draft.

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