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var sql = " UPDATE sessions SET date_end = now() where uuid = $1 ";
            logger.error("Error when updateDateEndSession "+ err);
        if(res.rows.affectedRows === 0){
            //failed because the UUID was not found
            callbackError(uuid+" not exists in session table");

I checked DB then data have updated but result:
info: command=null, rowCount=null, oid=null, rows=[], fields=[], _parsers=[], RowCtor=null

Why rowCount is null while data is updated in DB?

Please, help me

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grncdr commented Apr 7, 2014

Hey sorry for not responding to this issue earlier, I'm in the middle of a big move so I've been pretty busy. In your code sample above you are checking res.rows.affectedRows where you should be checking res.affectedRows, that being said I'm not sure if pg-query-stream sets the same properties. I will have to look into it more deeply when I get some free time.

I'm also seeing an issue where code to do an update command used to return a result object with a rowCount numeric property, and I updated to the latest any-db-postgres and now the result object is all null/empty values same as @datcatloi indicated above. The update does work correctly at the DB level, but the API for getting the rowCount seems to now have a bug.

hello @focusaurus , t think so, this ploblem is that when it commit transaction but it dont return objects(effect record).

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grncdr commented Jul 13, 2014

I've just pushed a commit to master that restores row-counts (issue was that pg-query-stream doesn't add this information to it's _result property, because it doesn't expect you to use it).

Please test out master and let me know if your issue has been fixed, and I will push a new release to npm

@grncdr grncdr closed this in c0764dc Jul 13, 2014

Hitting an exception that I think is unrelated and is maybe a discrepancy in the pg module comparing the package.json between the github source and what arrives via npm. Once I track that down I can easily confirm whether or not the fix resolves this issue for me.


grncdr commented Jul 13, 2014

ok, let me know if I can help with that.

It's issue 9 in pg.js if you want to have a look, but I think the fix is for pg.js to fix it's package.json file.

Yup, confirm this fix now. Thanks!

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