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Thin and less-opinionated database abstraction layer for node.
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Any-DB Project

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The less-opinionated Node.js database abstraction layer

[ANN] v1.0.0-alpha1 released

Any-DB 1.0 significantly restructures the various any-db-* modules. If you are updating from a previous version you will need to update package.json.

Applications should replace an any-db dependency with one or more dependencies on any-db-<adapter> where adapter can be mysql, postgres, or sqlite3. With this change, a direct dependency on an database driver package (such as mysql) is no longer required, though you can continue to use one if you like.

All of the adapter libraries have any-db as a peerDependency which means that any-db will be pulled in transitively as a dependency on the same level as the adapter.

Libraries should move their any-db dependency to peerDependencies, even though things may appear to operate correctly without doing so. If your library depends on a database connection (e.g. for tests) you should also add a devDependency on the corresponding any-db-<adapter> library.


(There's also detailed API documentation available)

var anyDB = require('any-db')
var dbURL = 'driver://user:pass@hostname/database'

Establish a connection:

var conn = anyDB.createConnection(dbURL)  // Takes an optional callback

Make queries:

var sql = 'SELECT * FROM my_table'
conn.query(sql).on('row', function (row) {})  // evented
conn.query(sql, function (error, result) {})  // or callback

Use bound parameters:

sql += ' WHERE my_column = ?'
conn.query(sql, [42]).on('row', ...)           // again, evented
conn.query(sql, [42], function (err, res) {})  // or callback

Close a connection:


Start a transaction:

var tx = conn.begin()             // Can also take a callback
tx.on('error', function (err) {}) // Emitted for unhandled query errors
tx.query(...)                     // same interface as connections, plus...
tx.commit()                       // takes an optional callback for errors
tx.rollback()                     // this too

Create a connection pool that maintains 2-20 connections

var pool = anyDB.createPool(dbURL, {min: 2, max: 20})

pool.query(...)       // perform a single query, same API as connection
var tx = pool.begin() // start a transaction, again, same API as connection
pool.close()          // close the pool (call when your app should exit)


The purpose of this library is to provide a consistent API for the commonly used functionality of SQL database drivers, while avoiding altering driver behaviour as much as possible.

Things it does

  • Supports MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite3 as equally as possible. (More driver support is very much welcomed!)
  • Parses connection parameters from URLs: driver://user:pass@host/database
  • Streams results or gets them all at once, using an api almost identical to the existing interfaces of the MySQL and Postgres drivers.
  • A simple, solid, connection pool with the ability to execute queries directly on a pool for auto-release behaviour. E.g. - this will never leak connections: pool.query("SELECT 1", function (err, results) { ... })
  • Stateful transaction objects for managing database transactions.

Things it might do (feedback needed!)

  • Provide a common result set API.

Things it will never do

  • Add it's own query helper methods like .first or .fetchAll
  • Include any sort of SQL string building. You might want to try my other library gesundheit, or one of the many alternatives for that. (send me pull requests to list your libs here)


npm install --save any-db-{pg,mysql,sqlite3}



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