CoffeeScript/Javascript implementation of RFC 6570 for URI-templates
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URI Template

Build Status

This is a node.js implementation of the URI template draft standard defined at


var parser = require('uri-template');

var tpl = parser.parse('/{year}/{month}/{day}{?orderBy,direction}');

tpl.expand({ year: 2006, month: 6, day: 6 });
// /2006/6/6

tpl.expand({ year: 2006, month: 6, day: 6, orderBy: 'size' });
// /2006/6/6?orderBy=size

tpl.expand({ year: 2006, month: 6, day: 6, orderBy: 'time', direction: 'asc' });
// /2006/6/6?orderBy=time&direction=asc

var queryTpl = parser.parse('/search{?q,otherParams*}');
queryTpl.expand({ q: 'Bigger office', otherParams: { prefer: "Sterling's office", accept: "Crane's office" }});
// /search?q=Bigger%20office&prefer=Sterling%27s%20office&accept=Crane%27s%20office

For more thorough coverage of the syntax, see test.js or the RFC.