Generates Drupal snipMate snippets.
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Creates snipMate snippets for Drupal to be used with Vim.


snipMate for Vim.


Running the following command will create a directory inside of the current directory called "snippets/drupal" based on the code avaliable by the path passed in for Drupal. For instance, if you would like devel functions form the devel module in your Drupal snippets then download the devel module and place it in the Drupal modules directory and then run the generation script and it will create snippets for that module as well.

nce you get that up and running, just put the 'drupal' directory in your ~/.vim/snippets (or wherever you install your Vim scripts to). Run the following:

php generate.php [path to Drupal]

If you installed this as a pathogen bundle then your done :). Otherwise, move the "drupal" folder into [Vim scripts directory]/snippets(usually ~/.vim/snippets)


Original code from Steven Wittens' original TextMate bundle script over here.