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FormulaApplet (deprecated)

  • is replaced by FormulaApplet-H5P
  • lets you create math or physics exercises on HTML pages or in Wikis.
  • You can provide an expression as solution, and FormulaApplet checks if your solution is right or wrong.
  • Algebraic equivalent solutions are also accepted.
  • FormulaApplet is able to deal with physical units.
  • FormulaApplet is open source. It is written in JavaScript and uses some open source libraries.
  • FormulaApplet is the successor of Formel-Applet (Java, closed source).
  • ToDo list for FormulaApplet
  • FormulaApplet wiki
  • Docs generated by jsdoc.js - Work in progress

Formula Applet is still under development (especially the H5P part).

  • Using semantic versioning, the major version number has been changed to zero to express the development state of the project.
  • Version number of FormulaAppletEditor has been changed from 1.1.x to 0.11.x and further to 0.12.x
  • Version number of FormulaApplet has been changed from 2.10.784 to 0.12.0

H5P Plugin


  • There is an H5P plugin for the FormulaApplet with which you can put FormulaApplet tasks on pages with H5p support.
  • You need the H5P.FormulaApplet and the H5P.FormulaAppletEditor plugin for this to work.

H5P Development environment

  • In the h5p folder there is a Docker environment for a Drupal instance with H5P installed on which you can test the plugin.
  • First-time installation for the Docker development environment:
    1. Install Docker and Docker Compose (might be included with docker).
    2. Run the following command in the h5p directory: docker compose build (might take a while), then docker compose up. If docker compose is not available, use docker-compose.
    3. Open http://localhost:8080. Start the setup for Drupal. If you need account credentials, use username admin with password admin.
    4. Follow the steps to set up H5P development (under "Enabling H5P development mode and development folder").
    5. Now start the JavaScript Bundler (Rollup) build in H5P development mode by running npm run h5p in the main folder. This will automatically build the plugin scripts, copy them into the plugin development folders and should auto-refresh the Drupal page when code is changed.
    6. Now "create content" in Drupal and choose the FormulaApplet plugin.


Repository is replaced by gro58/FormulaApplet-H5P. Create math or physics exercises inside HTML pages or in Wikis. JavaScript.








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