A server to handle metric globbing and data retrieval written in go – look at carbon-go instead
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Simple whisper file server over HTTP.

This project aims to be a replacement of the graphite web API used on carbon stores to retrieve the whisper data for viewing.

The main reason to build a replacement is performance. This server only supports the find and render calls that return raw data (e.g. no rendered images).

carbonserver understands the /metrics/find and /render URLs sent by the carbon web-frontend to the stores (their web-frontend), and responds in a compatible way. As such, it can be used as a drop-in replacement. When used in combination with carbonzipper, carbonserver uses a more optimal communication protocol that puts less strains on Go's memory usage and garbage collector.


Fabian Groffen Damian Gryski


This program was originally developed for Booking.com. With approval from Booking.com, the code was generalised and published as Open Source on github, for which the authors would like to express their gratitude. Fabian Groffen no longer works for Booking.com.