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Carmen- A simple collection of geographic names and abbreviations for Ruby

This library will work as a drop in replacement for the official Rails country_select and its various forks. The idea is to provide a single library for all geographic naming concerns, and unify them under a consistent API.

States are supported for the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, and United States.


gem install carmen

If you're in Rails:

config.gem 'carmen', :source => ''

Or as a plugin:

script/plugin install git://

State list retrieval

Carmen::states('US') => [['Alabama', 'AL'], ['Arkansas', 'AR'], ... ]
Carmen::states => [['Alabama', 'AL'], ['Arkansas', 'AR'], ... ] # uses default country
Carmen::state_names('US') => ['Alabama', 'Arkansas', ... ]
Carmen::state_codes('US') => ['AL', 'AR', ... ]

Abbreviation handling

Carmen::country_name('US') => 'United States'
Carmen::country_code('Canada') => 'CA'
Carmen::state_code('Illinois') => 'IL'
Carmen::state_code('Manitoba', 'CA') => 'MB'
Carmen::state_name('AZ') => 'Arizona'

The Data

The raw lists are stored in constants

Carmen::COUNTRIES => [['Afghanistan', 'AF'], ['Aland Islands', 'AX'], ]

Carmen::STATES => [['US', [['Alabama', 'AL'], ['Arkansas', 'AR'], ... ],
                   ['CA', [['Alberta', 'AB'], ['British Columbia', 'BC'], ... ]]

Default Country

Methods that take a country code argument will use the default country if none is provided. The default default country is 'US'. You can change it to any country code:

Carmen.default_country = 'CA'


Carmen's docs are published to