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Godot Bootstrap

Godot Bootstrap provides basic components to make setting up an initial Godot game much faster, by providing much of the boiler plate code to get you started. Best of all, you can decide which components to use, and which to ignore.


Some of the components that bootstrap provides:

  • Modules a system for allowing user mods, or developer-provided DLC, to extend the basic game.
  • User Configuration tools for storing and retrieving user-set configuration values.
  • Save Games components for maintaining saved games.
  • Automated Testing allows for writing tests in GDScript, and executing them in an automated way.
  • Extended GUI controllers GUI controllers to help make the UI aspects work nicely together.

Using Bootstrap

Bootstrap provides a set of components to provide basic functionality to your game, and the tools to import those components into your game. Bootstrap requires Python 3 to run.

To use bootstrap, first pull the files from Github.

Then, you need to add a bootstrap.config file into your project directory, and configure it with a few simple steps:

# The bootstrap config file for the project.
config = {
    # the directory to copy the bootstrap files.  These need to be inside the
	# Godot game directory (at or a sub-directory of the "engine.cfg" file),
	# or you'll need a custom build system to move them there.
	# If this isn't given, it defaults to "bootstrap".
	bootstrap: "game/boostrap",

	# All the components that the project uses.  These will be copied into the
	# bootstrap directory.  If a component depends upon another component, those
	# will be added implicitly (you don't need to reference it).
	components: [ unit_tests, error_codes ],

	# If you want to map the bootstrap file categories to a different location,
	# this gives you that flexibility.  See each component for the categories
	# it uses, and for whether directory remapping is supported.
	dirmap: {
		lib: "src/library_files",
		tests: "../tests"

To install the files, run the downloaded bootstrap build/ file from the project directory:

$ cd my_project
$ python3 (godot-bootstrap-dir)/build/

Note that running the install will remove files that are no longer specified in the components, and overwrite existing files, you shouldn't modify them from your installed directory. If you want to make customizations, copy them to a separate location.


Godot Bootstrap is still very much under development. You can use the GitHub project for pull requests your local changes. Be sure to have a look at the development guide for coding standards.

All contributions must be made available under the CC0 license.


Boilerplate code for creating a moddable game in Godot.







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