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README file for the coursework code and text during Michal Grochmal's studies
at the Birkbeck University of London

Copyright (C) 2013 Michal Grochmal

For each course and module the directory structure groups together assignments
and exercises for a given subject.  In good *BSD/*ix standard the directory
names are as short as possible, therefore if you are looking for a specific
subject you shall navigate using the README files present in good part of the

The coursework text is distributed mostly under Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, whilst the code is distributed mostly
under GPL version 3 or later.  For the full description of the licenses look
into the COPYING file.  Pieces of text or code have different copyright due to
different manner of submission or the lack of submission into the university

As a rule you shall identify the copyright of the files in the base directory
by the COPYING file in that directory, as well as any files in directories on a
lower level that do not contain a COPYING file itself.  If a lower level
directory contains a COPYING file then this file is valid for this directory
and any lower level directories henceforth instead of the base directory
COPYING file.  This rule is recursive, therefore if a third COPYING file is
encountered when browsing directories downward it becomes valid for the current
directory and all subsequent directories.

A special case to the distribution are directories entitled "third_party",
these may contain original or modified files entitled to the work of people
that are not me (Michal Grochmal).  The COPYING file in these directories
references the people whose work result in these and protects the distribution
rights of their work.