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# this file is *not* meant to cover or endorse the use of tox or pytest or
# testing in general,
# It's meant to show the use of:
# - check-manifest
# confirm items checked into vcs are in your sdist
# - python check (using the readme_renderer extension)
# confirms your long_description will render correctly on pypi
# and also to help confirm pull requests to this project.
envlist = py{27,33,34}
basepython =
py27: python2.7
py33: python3.3
py34: python3.4
deps =
commands =
check-manifest --ignore tox.ini,tests*
python check -m -r -s
flake8 .
py.test tests
exclude = .tox,*.egg,build,data
select = E,W,F
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