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Helpers (and docs) to create systm needed files from VSCP class documentation
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This is the original class and type specification for VSCP. Documents and source files are generated from this info. The 'scripts' folder holds scripts to generate different output.

The folder classes holds class definitions as xml files with the following structure

<class id="0"
    name="VSCP Protocol Functionality"
    alternative-token="other token"

<type id="12"
    name="Enter boot loader mode."
    token="" />


<events> used when this class have the same events as anohter class n.

<alternative-token> used to set an alternative token. hoilds class description in Markdown format holds description for types of this class.

Links to other classes should have this format



The measurement class (10) has a <unit> token that is used to describe units. Attributes are

  • name Name for the unit.
  • description Description of the unit.
  • conversion Conversion code to convert a value of the unit to a value of unit 0. Javascript is used as pseudo code for the conversion and value is specified as val in this code. Set to "0" if a conversion is not possible.

This is how this looks for the temperature measurement type

<type id="6" name="Temperature" token="VSCP_TYPE_MEASUREMENT_TEMPERATURE" >
            <unit id="0" Name="Kelvin" Description="Degrees Kelvin."/>
            <unit id="1" Name="Celsius" Description="Degrees Celsius." conversion="val+273.15 "/>
            <unit id="2" Name="Fahrenheit" Description="Degrees Fahrenheit." conversion="val + 459.67) × 5/9"/>

Note that unit can be in the interval 0-255 as class=10 is used to describe also Level II measurement classes. For Level I classes only unit 0-3 is valid of course.


  • classes - VSCP class and type definitions.
  • scripts - Python scripts that generate output
  • cheaders - templates for c-headers.
  • python - Templates for Python.
  • javascript - Templates for JavaScript.
  • db - Templates for VSCP database.
  • json -- Templates for JSON file.


Make the vscp_class.h header file.

Usage >path/vscp_class.h

Make vscp_type.h header file.

Usage >path/vscp_ctype.h

Make the header file.

Usage >path/

Make header file.

Usage >path/

Make m_hashclass definitions for vscphelper.cpp.

Usage >path/vscp_ctype.h

Make m_hashtype definitions for vscphelper.cpp.

Usage path/vscp_hash_type.h

Generate sql for creation of sqlite db.

Usage path/dbfile.sql

Generate sql for creation of mysql db.

Usage path/dbfile.sql

Make JSON/JSONP data. Use arg "jsonp" for JSONP.

Usage >path/events.json
or jsonp >path/events.jsonp

Make XML data.

Usage >path/events.xml

Make sidebar content for specification document.

Usage >path/

Generate documentation for specification document.

Usage -v -o <output-folder> -h
-h/--help    - This text.
-v/--verbose - Print output also to screen.
-o/--outdir  - Folder to write output files to.
               defaults to current folder.

Make class constants for the Javascript library.

Usage >path/output

Make type constants for the Javascript library.

Usage >path/output

Make class constants module for node.js.

Usage >path/output

Make type constants module for the node.js.

Usage >path/output

This is an internal bash script that is used on our internal development system to generate files for different projects and site.

Usage <ftp-server> <user> <password>

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