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A contributed C-charp wrapper fro the VSCP helper library
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VSCP WorksSharp


A contributed C# wrapper for the VSCP helper library

This unfinished (state???) code is developed by Bas Bongenaar <bas(at)> who lacks the time to finish it. So any taker is welcome.

Bas writes

Hi Ake,

Sometime ago, I decided to give the VSCP C# wrapper another try to finish and publish it. But then I got distracted by another project. And then that project became interrupted by jet another project… etc.
This week I realized that I can’t give the VSCP project the attention it deserves. Sadly along with a list of other projects…

Attached is the code of the wrapper and a Frankfurt simulator (this was my first test with the VSCP project). It’s yours now, you can use it as you please… or not, it’s up to you.

I am sorry that I did not came around to setting up a GIT page with the code and finishing it.

Best regards,

The design goal has been to make the VSCP helper lib functionality easy to use for C# developers.

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