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VSCP PIC1 Bootloader

VSCP Microchip PIC18F bootloader for use with VSCP over CAN

This bootloader will work with the VSCP PIC1 algorithm of VSCP Works. For info see This bootloader expects a slightly modified version of the bootloader described but in most aspects it is the same. The changes just makes it works along side an installed CAN4VSCP system.

Use file/export in MPLAB(x) after build to write the HEX file.

When programmed into a device and activated (byte 0 in EEPROM is 0xff on startup or the status button (RC0) is held low on startup) a confirm bootloader mode CAN message with id=0x000014nn/0x000015nn and no data will be sent. Node id (nn) (least eight bits of id) is taken from EEPROM byte 1. For a freshly written bootloader nn=0xfe and this is also true for a bootloader that is entered by holding the init. button and power a board. If the board has been forced in to bootloader mode by the VSCP firmware nn will be the nickname the node had at that time.

If byte 0 in EEPROM is not oxff on startup a normal boot of the relocated code (offset=0x800) will take place. Hex files for device programming is available here

On reset id=0x000014fe/0x000015fe should be seen from a device with a pic1 bootloader installed. The nickname 0xfe is fetched from EEPROM address = 1 and for the bootloader to start the content at EEPROM address= 0 should hold 0xff. In all other cases the application code will be started.

The application program should start at offset 0x800

Ake Hedman