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#Trog's Interactive Dialogue Engine

This is the code for the interactive dialogue engine taken out of 'Trog': the 2D point 'n click adventure game engine. Trog was built by Mic Uurloon and myself

All development related to this game engine can be followed on Groebelsloot, which we very sparsely update. On our blog I wrote three (part 1, part 2, part 3 ) posts about how this interactive dialogue engine works, so whenever trying to use this code, it's most useful to check out the ideas behind it there.

##Dialogue files

Check out the resources directory for two example dialogue files (in YAML) that this interactive dialogue engine can handle. The idea behind this format is:

  • It tries to avoid mark-up to improve legibility (hence YAML)
  • It supports/encourages topic-based clustering of dialogue lines/text, so it's easy to follow the dialogue flow without using any other tool or doing any in game testing
  • (with a little help) it should be easy enough to use for non-technical persons, so it should be possible to have your dialogue written directly in this format
  • It should be unnecessary to build a separate editor to review your dialogue (see previous points)

##Running the code

Well you can't... unless you build your own game engine using Haxe and Luxe and wire up the code in this repository. Or you can of course port this code and integrate it into your own game.


Feel free to ask anything

We hope this code can be useful to you


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