Linux kernel driver for PMBus devices
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To build and install:

sudo make install
sudo modprobe pmbus	# Generic PMBus chip support
sudo modprobe max16064	# Chip specific PMBus support, for explicitly supported chips

To enable hwmon support for a specific chip:

cd /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-1	# The PMBus chip is connected to I2C bus #1
echo pmbus 0x4e > new_device	# The PMBus chip is on i2c address 0x4e
echo max16064 0x7 > new_device	# A max16064 is on i2c address 0x07 (on i2c bus #1)

If your chip is not explicitly supported, load the "pmbus" driver. It should auto-detect 
most of the chip capabilities.

Please send feedback and problem reports to