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vim syntax for LESS (dynamic CSS)

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This vim bundle adds syntax highlighting, indenting and autocompletion for the dynamic stylesheet language LESS.

This bundle is compatible with vim-css-color, vim-css3-syntax and possibly other plugins that place code in after/syntax/css.vim or after/syntax/css/*.vim.

vim-less with vim-css-color and vim-css3-syntax (colorscheme solarized)

Installing and Using

  • Install pathogen into ~/.vim/autoload/ and add the following line to your ~/.vimrc:

    call pathogen#infect()
  • Make a clone of the vim-less repository:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
    $ cd ~/.vim/bundle
    $ git clone
  • OR use git submodules:

    $ git submodule add bundle/vim-less
    $ git submodule init

That's it. Pathogen should handle the rest. Opening a file with a .less extension will load everything.


.less to .css , lessc is required.

nnoremap ,m :w <BAR> !lessc % > %:t:r.css<CR><space>


Inspiration from vim-haml, scss-syntax.vim and vim-less

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