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Vortex is an SPV light-wallet with a simplistic, minimal design language for newcomers to cryptocurrency, and even experts too! The wallet was carefully designed to not be too confusing (like some wallets these days), but still have enough to suit basic needs.

Vortex v1.0.0 - "Andromeda"

  • Complete UI redesign
    • Color adjustments to match Yokomoko's EasyMiner.
    • Main UI has been refreshed and redesigned.
    • Better design language, and more consistent throughout the program.
    • Added an actual program logo :D
  • Added ability to save 7 GRS addresses as contacts in the new contacts section
  • Added tx fee option when sending GRS (using sats/byte)
    • Instead of using GroestlcoinJ's default fee, you can now set your own custom fee. :) Minimum fee is 10 sats/byte. (Using anything less wouldn't be propagated)
  • Name change from GRSX to Vortex Wallet
    • GRSX felt weird. It felt like a weird coin-fork name. Vortex sounds cooler. :)
  • Versioning system changed from numbers (vX.X.X) to numbers + version title (for example: vX.X.X "Deep Space")
  • Internal code changes and optimizations+ Added an autogenerated file in /data/ called to change between Mainnet and Testnet for developers.
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