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Minecraft Servers List - Lite Version

Hello everyone! I've created this lite version of the Minecraft Servers List Script that doesn't require a lot of server power and also it is easy to maintain.

This code is free for everybody to use for personal purposes. It is strictly prohibited to resell any part of the code.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

How to install

  1. Open your FTP and connect to your server
  2. Upload the scripts content
  3. Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file
  4. Edit the core/database/connect.php file by adding your database details
  5. Import the dump.sql file to your database that you just added in the connect.php file
  6. Edit the settings table -> url column and put your website installation link ( example: https://myservers.com/ ) ( make sure it has a "/" at the end )

You can now login with your admin account( Username: admin ; Password: admin ) by accessing the ** /login ** url.


  • PHP 5.5 or higher
  • MySQLi
  • Rewrite Engine (htaccess)
  • file_get_contents() enabled


Some of my links..


Shoutout to MCAPI.US for having a great API :)