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Grokking Techtalks

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You'll find list of our Grokking meetups from the beginning.

Meetup 17 - Financial Technologies - April 8, 2017

Meetup 17

  • Introduction to Blockchain - Do The Luan (CARDADO labo)
  • Interbank Transfer Systems in Vietnam & Some Improvement Ideas - Truong Bui (Former CTO, Timo Digital Bank,
  • Sponsor:
  • Venue Sponsor: Shinhan Future's Lab
  • Event | Photos

Meetup 16 - Front-End Technologies & Ecosystem - February 25, 2017

Meetup 16

  • Isomorphic Web Application @ - Thinh Nguyen (Web Developer -
  • Maybe functor in Javascript - Lam Huynh (Senior FrontEnd Developer - 8Bit Rockstars Co. Ltd)
  • HtmlJs and Three way binding - Nhan Nguyen (Software Architect - FPT IS)
  • Anduin Component Library - Cong Pham (Product Designer - Anduin Transactions)
  • Sponsor:
  • Venue Sponsor: Shinhan Future's Lab
  • Event | Photos

Meetup 15 - Data Challenge in Logistics - December 24, 2016

Meetup 15

  • The data processing journey at AhaMove - Thuc Nguyen (AhaMove)
  • Batching and routing of deliveries - Ngoc Tran (HonestBee)
  • Architectural decisions @ Parcel Perform - Khang Nguyen (Parcel Perform)
  • Sponsor:
  • Venue Sponsor: The Ventures
  • Event

Meetup 14 - Database Systems - August 6, 2016

Meetup 14

  • Why you should use PostgreSQL for your data analytics infrastructure - Huy Nguyen (Holistics)
  • Couchbase: NoSQL + Memcached + Real-time + Offline! - Vu Nguyen (Liti Book)
  • Sponsor: TINYpulse
  • Venue Sponsor: Tiki
  • Event | Photos

Meetup 13 - Searches - June 25, 2016

Meetup 13

  • Marrying Elasticsearch with NLP to solve real-world search problems - Phu Le (Country Manager / Head of R&D, Knorex)
  • Scaling and supercharging your online business models with Elasticsearch - Tri Tran (Lead Developer, 8Bit Rockstars)
  • Sponsor: TINYpulse
  • Venue Sponsor: MySquar
  • Event | Photos

Meetup 12 - Programming Languages and Paradigms - May 28, 2016

Meetup 12

  • Full stack Scala web application - Cuong Pham
  • Writing code that writes code - Nguyen Luong
  • Code productively in any language with testing and live reloading - Harley Trung

Meetup 11 - DATA - April 23, 2016

Meetup 11

  • Why data science? - An Mai (Vietnamese, slides in English)
  • Introduction to some probabilistics data-structures for real-time processing - Vo Viet Hung (Vietnamese, slides in English)
  • Reactive Data System in Practice at iTVad - Trieu Tan Nguyen (Vietnamese, slides in English)

Meetup 09 - March 29, 2016

Meetup 9

  • Building a realtime & offline editing service from scratch with Couchbase - Vu Nguyen, CTO @ Liti Book (Vietnamese)
  • Secure Coding - Tran Anh Tuan, Security Engineer @ VietABank (Vietnamese)
  • When a Java guy goes Ruby - Jonathan Bardin, Technical Architect @ TINYpulse (English)

Meetup 08 - A Date With DevOps - Feb 27, 2016

Meetup 8

  • Docker Internals - Vincent De Smet
  • DevOps at Hoiio - Hieu @ Hoiio
  • Docker management with Ansible - Thinh @ ChoTot

Meetup 06 - Grokking Coding Challenge - 6/12/2015

Event photo

  • Last event of the year, a 3-hour coding challenge (with preliminary rounds done online)
  • Challenge: Build a stripped-down version of Redis database in 3 hours.
  • Sponsors: Dreamplex (Venue), Hoiio and MySQUAR (Food & Prizes)

Photos | Event Link

Meetup 05

  • Android from Linux perspective and Root on Android, Tran Ngoc Thuan (Android Team Lead, VNPT MEDIA)
  • Phanbook - Open source library, Tran Duy Thien (PHP Developer)
  • Coding standard and performance optimization, Le Thanh Xuan (Senior Developer, Atlassian)

Meetup 04

Event photo

  • Technology Stack at MySQUAR, Khac Anh (Software Engineer, MySQUAR)
  • Web 3.0: Offline first with CouchDB, Hervé Vu (Co-Founder & former CTO, Linked Senior)
  • Using Redis in building social networks with large user base, Chau Nguyen Nhat Thanh (Technical Manager, VNG)
  • How to implement Flux Architecture on mobile (Native), Pham Duc Huy (Software Engineer,
  • HtmlJs - JavaScript MVVM framework, Nhan (Software Engineer, Play Studio)

Meetup 03 - Real-time Data Pipeline & Real-world Microservice Architecture

  • Migrating to service-oriented architecture at LOZI, Nguyen Thanh Trung (C​TO/Co-founder of LOZI)
  • Building Real-time Data Pipeline at FPT, Nguyen Tan Trieu (T​echnical lead and full-stack engineer at FPT)

Meetup 02 - Build big things from small components

  • Building microservices web application using Akka & Scala, Binh Nguyen (Director of Engineering, Anduin Transactions)
  • A journey with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in solving real-world problems, Steven Goh (Founder, Nubela Corp)

Meetup 01 - Kick-off Talk

Meetup 1

This is our first meetup, starting off Grokking program.Sponsors: Atlassian (Venue). FB Event.

The absolute minimum every software developer needs to know about database indexes, Cedric Chin (Floating Cube Studios). Slides

If you’re a software developer, it’s nearly guaranteed that you’ve worked with a database before. But what happens when you find your queries running slowly? How do you debug bad database performance? The truth is, most of us don’t know much about RDMS internals: we just insert and retrieve data and pray that our queries run quickly enough.

The good news? It turns out that the only thing a developer really needs to understand about relational databases is how their indexes work. Most of the performance characteristics of modern RDMSes may be explained through the database index. This talk introduces the data structures these indexes use, how these structures determine query performance, how to read a query plan, and what to think about when designing indexes for your database schema.

How we built our data-warehouse and analytics infrastructure at Viki, Huy Nguyen (Viki). Slides

At Viki we collect and analyze over 60M user-generated data points everyday. This talk goes into deep technical and architecture design to share about the infrastructure, the different tools and processes we’ve built with our analytics system. Specifically we’ll talk about how we collect, process data and present data in both real-time and batch-processing manners.

The current system is capable of supporting a variety of business and product needs: automated business reporting, A/B testing, cohort analysis, funnel analysis, recommendation engine, etc.

Technology stack: Ruby, Python, R, NodeJS, Golang, PostgreSQL, Java, Storm, Hadoop with Apache Hive.