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Example application using grommet
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Grommet Example App: Ferret

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grommet-ferret uses grommet version 1. The grommet team is no longer actively supporting version 1 of grommet. We recommend using version 2 instead.


Live demo of an example application using grommet and grommet-addons.

Login credentials:

Username - enter any string that looks like an email address

Password - enter any string (it is not used or stored anywhere)

How To

This app demonstrates an application using Grommet. We demonstrate UI routing and some important patterns like Login, Resource Management (including WebSocket connections), and Search.

This application must have back-end data to perform login operations and manage resources. By default, it provides mock backend data. The application can also be modified to point to a real backend server.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to run npm install and the remaining commands in the grommet-ferret folder.

To run this application, execute the following commands:

  1. Go to the grommet-ferret folder
    $ cd grommet-ferret
  1. Install NPM modules
    $ npm install
  1. Create the NPM distribution
    $ npm run build

    This step will create the **dist** folder with content ready to be deployed in NPM.
  1. Start Ferret in production mode
    $ npm run start

    This step will start a front-end dev server that provides mock backend data by default. 
  1. Start Ferret in development mode
    $ npm run start:dev

    This step will also start a front-end dev server that provides mock backend data by default.  
    Additionally, it also monitors the source code and restarts the server when any changes are 

NOTE: - if prompted for Login Credentials in your development environment, see information in the Demo section above.

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