Assets 4
  • Fixed an issue with Select where the options were not being updated
  • Fixed an alignment issue with Drop when the component updated

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Nov 9, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Allowing pixel value padding on margins
  • Added xlarge size to Paragraph and Heading
  • Updated to use system-ui font in the Grommet theme
  • Added size prop to Anchor
  • Added fill to TextArea
  • Changed base theme elevation values
  • Fixed daylight savings in Calendar
  • Fixed RangeSelect to fix an issue with step
  • Add plain prop to Grommet
  • Fixed Layer on mobile
  • Changed base theming for Tabs
  • Fixed TextInput and TextArea to not close the Layer on pressing esc
  • Fixed performance on Select and preventing scrolling to the top when selecting an option

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Nov 7, 2018 · 494 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • remove keyboard handlers when unmounting
  • Allow default messages for Intl util
  • Menu allow a custom DOM element to be the parent
  • Infinite scrolling with support for moreAbove
  • Allow a custom message to be passed to Notification

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Oct 20, 2018

Assets 4

Breaking Changes

  • Added generic styles (e.g margin, gridArea) to most components
    • The margin property of HeadingParagraph, and Text used to only set margin on the top and bottom when a single size value was provided. Now, the margin property of those components has been aligned with how margin works on Box.
  • Move theme prop from radioButton.border.radius to radioButton.check.radius to better align with CheckBox.

Compatible Changes

  • Changed RangeSelector and Calendar to use the control color
  • Improved Anchor in dark background
  • Fixed icon theme inside Grommet
  • Added change to allow short HEX colors
  • Fixed Box elevation in dark context
  • Added change allow custom Heading levels
  • Grid: added number to allowed values of column count
  • CheckBox, DataTable, Menu, RadioButton , Table, Tabs: better theming support
  • Fixed CheckBox click when placed inside a Button

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Oct 16, 2018

Assets 4

Breaking Changes

  • Moved to Styled Components v4 🎉
  • Internal DOM structure of Button changed. This might be a breaking change if you were using button.extend in the theme.
  • Button now has an explicit disabled prop, now not sending onClick will still enable the button.
  • Narrow has been removed as a breakpoint name (it is small now). Also, theme.edgeSize.narrow has been moved to More here.
  • Checkbox theme structural changes (theme.checkBox):
    • Moved radius from border to check
    • Renamed check.width to check.thickness
    • Moved check.color to the root checkBox entry since it affects both toggle and check instances
  • Normalized color inside theme:
    • border-light and border-dark changed to border.light and border.dark
    • moved to
    • moved to
    • If you don't set a theme.button.primary.color, primary buttons by default will use instead of
    • More here.
  • Removed HPE from grommet core theme. It lives in a separate library now (grommet-theme-hpe).
  • Removed shadow from drop theme entry. Now it leverages elevation from Box.

Compatible Changes

  • Box: added more options to round prop
  • Box: allow background to specify both an image and color
  • Box: added support for custom width and height
  • Box: added more options to overflow prop
  • Button: fixed margin when icon is present
  • Calendar: fixed styling issues when moving months with different char length
  • Calendar: fixed quick navigation and animation issues
  • Calendar: allows a custom header to be passed to Calendar
  • Calendar: added animate, reference, and showAdjacentDays props
  • Collapsible: added direction prop to allow collapsing horizontally
  • Layer: fixed overlay being removed when responsive is false
  • Tabs: better responsive styling
  • Drop, Layer: changed onclick to mousedown to fix issues with clicking outside
  • Added source code for Storybook 🎉
  • Added support for 2/4 basis and size
  • Enhanced IE11 Support for Calendar and Collapsible

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Sep 18, 2018

Assets 4

Breaking Changes

  • Welcome styled-components v4 🎉
    • To use that make sure to install styled-components@4.x (beta) and grommet-icons@3.1.0-beta.1
  • We are deprecating babel-plugin-grommet. Please remove it if you are using it in your babel config.
    • We recommend upgrading to Webpack 4, they have a finally nailed the tree-shaking support
    • If you can't update to Webpack 4, please either use the full component path or use babel-plugin-transform-imports

Compatible Changes

  • Fixed TextInput no opening suggestions on paste
  • Fixed Layer to not close itself if drop is open
  • Added TypeScript definitions 🎉
  • Changed internal component structure and exports to have better three shaking support with Webpack 4 🎉
  • Added the ability to create dynamic responsive breakpoints
  • Better Safari support for TextInput
  • Changed Meter to fix an issue with many values using default colors
  • Added onSuggestionsOpen and onSuggestionsClose to TextInput
  • Changed Menu to allow a long list of items that might scroll
  • Added color to Paragraph
  • Added support for nested Collapsible components

@ericsoderberghp ericsoderberghp released this Aug 11, 2018

Assets 2


  • Restructured themes. You can read about the details, including specific structural changes required for custom themes, in #2151.
  • Removed the deprecated theme property in individual components.

Compatible Changes

  • Added DataTable.
  • Changed theme structure.
  • Changed Drop to add center alignment and stretch.
  • Changed Stack to fix issues with filling container.
  • Changed Tabs to fix an issue with uncontrolled behavior.
  • Changed TextInput and Select to fix focus issues with ie11.
  • Changed Grid to pass through unknown sizes, like Box already does, and fixed an issue with Grid.available.
  • Chanted Meter to fix an overflow issue on ie11.
  • Changed Box to allow gradient backgrounds.
  • Changed Calendar to fix some issues.
  • Changed InfiniteScroll to add show.
  • Changed Layer to fix an issue with dark backgrounds.
  • Changed Button to fix an issue with anchor elements.
  • Changed Select to improve accessibility and fix some layout issues.
  • Changed Layer and Drop to not control overflow.
  • Changed TextInput to show suggestions on focus.
  • Added more storybook stories.

Updated dependencies.

Thanks @RyanCCollins and @florianbepunkt for your contributions.


@alansouzati alansouzati released this Jun 24, 2018

Assets 4


  • Removed control.font from theme (font size for controls are now using Text component)
  • grommet-icons is now a peer dependency and needs to be installed separately
  • Update to React 16.3 (forwardRefs and new Context API)
    • React 16.3 is now required to run Grommet

Compatible Changes

  • ⚠️IMPORTANT: we are planning to remove theme prop from components (except Grommet). Use ThemeContext.Provider or ThemeContext.Extend instead.

  • Enchanced Components: Box, Button, Diagram, Drop, Chart, Layer, Select, Stack, TextInput, WorldMap

  • New Components: Accordion, AccordionPanel, Collapsible

  • Fix Select jumping when multiple Selects are open

  • Fix TextInput layout issues in Safari

  • Fix issues with icon theming

  • Fix Drop not placing correctly after updating boundaries

  • Fix layer ordering, adding multiple layers should stack them

  • Fix WorldMap not updating props correctly

  • Change Select to allow for custom TextInput (search inside Drop)

  • Change Button to allow custom primary color

  • Change TextInput to allow node as a placeholder

  • Change Diagram to remove dependency on Stack

  • Allow Button to have plain prop along-side with label and icon

  • Added ThemeContext.Extend

  • Added Storybook

Thanks @nogever for your contribution.

Jun 24, 2018
Changed Diagram to reduce dependence on Stack, add more `thickness` o…
…ptions, add `anchor`. (#2086)

* Changed Diagram to reduce dependence on Stack. Fixes GitHub issue #2036.

* Changed Diagram to allow more thickness variety. Fixes GitHub issue #2037.

* Changed Diagram to add anchor to connections. Fixes GitHub issue #2038.

@alansouzati alansouzati released this Jun 24, 2018 · 494 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Enhanced Components: Accordion, Layer, Header
  • Header: fixed z-index to make sure body goes behind float
  • Accordion: fix conditionally render of AccordionPanels
    • Layer: fix bug where keyboard events would not be triggered
  • Added DXC minified to Grommet bundle

Thanks @atanasster, @amaurymartiny, @miguelemosreverte, and @lBeJIuk for your contributions!