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Post Hacker News Stories & Comments to an NNTP Server

Or how to read HN offline.


  • Uses the official HN API
  • No configuration files
  • CLI
  • Compatible w/ cron jobs
  • MIME multipart/alternative mails w/ html & txt portions
  • Mostly stateless
  • Read-only
  • No up-voting support or score updates

A screenshot of running mutt


  • nodejs 0.10.3x (doesn't work w/ node 0.12 or iojs due to request dependency)
  • rnews CL util from INN package
  • w3m browser

Installation & Setup

(in Fedora 21)

# yum install w3m inn

Add this to sudoers (replacing alex w/ your user name):

alex ALL = (news) NOPASSWD: /bin/rnews

Then in the cloned repo:

$ make

or just

# npm install -g hackernews2nntp

Check your local inn

# /usr/libexec/news/ctlinnd newgroup news.ycombinator

must not raise an error.


$ hackernews2nntp-get exact 8874 -v | hackernews2nntp-convert -v -f mbox > 1.mbox

will download a HN comment & convert it to mbox format. If you have mutt installed, you can view it via mutt -f

$ hackernews2nntp-get exact 8874 -v | hackernews2nntp-convert -v | sudo rnews -N

will post the same comment to news.ycombinator group. If the message didn't appear (because it's too old (Apr 2007) for a default INN settings), run

$ journalctl /bin/rnews
$ journalctl -u innd


  1. Get top 100 stories & all comments for them, then exit:

     $ hackernews2nntp-get top100 -v | hackernews2nntp-convert -v | sudo rnews -N

    If you get an EPIPE error, don't pipe to rnews but try to invoke hackernews2nntp-conver w/ --fork option:

     $ hackernews2nntp-get top100 -v | hackernews2nntp-convert -v --fork

    (It will call sudo rnews -N internally for each article.)

  2. Get last 200 stories/comments, then exit:

     $ hackernews2nntp-get last 200 -v --nokids | hackernews2nntp-convert -v | sudo rnews -N
  3. Don't post anything to an NNTP server but create 1 big .mbox file:

     $ rm 1.mbox
     $ hackernews2nntp-get top100 -v | hackernews2nntp-convert -v -f mbox >> 1.mbox
  4. Get stories/comments in range from 8,000,000 to 8,000,100:

     $ hackernews2nntp-get -v --nokids range 8000000 8000100 | hackernews2nntp-convert -v | sudo rnews -N
  5. Get stories/comments from 8859730 up to the most current one & save the last (highest numerical value) item id in /tmp/last-item.txt:

     $ hackernews2nntp-get -v --maxitem-save /tmp/last-item.txt --nokids range 8859730 | hackernews2nntp-convert -v | sudo rnews -N


  1. I have a problem w/ rnews.

    Please, don't ask me any questions about INN. I have a very vague idea how it works. I've chosen rnews because it (a) can read articles form stdin in a batch mode, (b) doesn't modify the incoming article, (c) fast, (d) comes w/ INN.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to know 'was the article posted or not' w/o reading INN logs.

  2. Can hackernews2nntp run as a daemon?


  3. What does hackernews2nntp-convert warning: json validation failed message mean?

    Usually it means that a HN post was deleted & there was no usefull data in the json payload. For example,

     $ hackernews2nntp-get exact 126809 | json -g -c 'this.deleted'
     	"deleted": true,
     	"id": 127217


     $ hackernews2nntp-get exact 126809 | json -g \
     	-c '! && == "pg" && this.type == "comment"' | json 0
       "by": "pg",
       "id": 126816,
       "parent": 126809,
       "text": "As you can see, we do.  You can read more [...]",
       "time": 1204404016,
       "type": "comment"


  • Barely tested on Fedora 21 only.
  • Supports only UTF-8 locale.
  • Don't follow 'parent' property, e.g. if it gets a comment, it tries to download all its 'kids', but ignores the 'parent'.
  • hackernews2nntp-get can pause node 0.10.x process if you're not using --nokids option.
  • src/ is too long.

See Also

rnews(1), w3m(1), mbox(5), sudoers(5)



  • hackernews2nntp-get
    • fix a crash in json validation


  • hackernews2nntp-get
    • totally rewrite Crawler
    • throttle a max number of http requests by 20/s (see --conn-per-sec)


  • hackernews2nntp-get

    • range mode
    • --maxitem-save CLO
    • -s CLO
    • always print statistics on exit w/ -v or -s CLOs
  • hackernews2nntp-convert

    • --template-dir CLO
    • fix a bug in mbox header w/ missing leading zeros


Many thanks to John Magolske for suggestions for hackernews2nntp-get range mode & --maxitem-save CLO & also for reporting bugs.