Python XMPP MUC entertainment, informational and administration bot
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Python XMPP MUC entertainment, informational and administration bot

Made by Grom PE

Additional documentation by Oreolek

Released as public domain.

Programming language: Python 2

See for the command list.


  • Grab xmpppy library and put in Magnet2 directory
  • Make a copy of the file as
  • Change the configuration file
  • Run

MUC configuration

Currently there is no mechanism to add MUC on-the-fly, so every one is configured manually. The example is this:

'name@server.address': {
   'options': [
   'commands_pm_only': ['image'],
   'commands_disabled': [],

where options is a list of allowed commands. This list has to be present in the config, everything else is optional. So if you want to add a command, you enable a plugin and then add this command to options list.

Use commands_pm_only option for setting per-room PM only commands. Use commands_disabled option for the command disabling per-room.


If a problem arises, try setting log_level to 4 (see config example).

If the problem still persists, find this string in

self.client = xmpp.Client(jid.getDomain(), debug=[])

and add socket to debug list, like this:

self.client = xmpp.Client(jid.getDomain(), debug=['socket'])

Now you'll be able to see all XMPP traffic.