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- save and load per-room options
- hash the scripted options and store the hash,
if hash mismatches what was loaded, don't apply the loaded version
- search through all plugins to make use of options
- make plugins announce used options, tell whether option is known in core in !option
- make knowledge db accept unicode terms for some rooms
- short description for every command
- ensure it doesn't crash without admin privileges
- allow to join/leave rooms by bot owner request
- ensure it works on ejabberd, openfire, tigase
- add reasons for role/affiliation changes
- clarify "!what blah blah" to not to create impression spaces are supported
or instead allow creating definitions as Magnet, a = b
- disable showing definitions to a person with unhandled emulated command syntax
- prevent nick changes for users
- merge database operations from plugins to Magnet API
- !version [target] showing user client version
- pisg-like stats!
Count online record too, total number of messages, actions, commands,
show time when the record started, time spent in the chat, kick count, etc
- option to split logs by date
- check messages to be well-formed before sending
- handle ping IQ errors (remote-server-not-found, etc)
- find out why and accounts don't work for the bot
- change status to "One of my body parts seems missing..." if plugin crashed?
More ideas and suggestions
- Prevent caps kick backfiring when referring to caps nickname:
- extend matchreply
- matchkick to kick on regexp message match
- (maybe) matchcounter to increment a counter then do action on counter limit
- or even execute a command
- maybe don't tell about added autokick if akicked was in the room,
same for added automod
- !tell, !untell
if it's executed in groupchat, send in groupchat, if in PM, send in PM.
- Well some sort of list of all the tells you have currently sent
- But a list of whom you've even 'told' would be nice too
- !botsnack?
- if user overuses commands, lock him for a few minutes
- make proper daemon process
- unicode filter, such as, telling the user to use English if too many non-English chars detected
- stats on databases (i.e. size, number of definitions)
- !timer <seconds> <reason> - reminder
- making Magnet identify all links, not only Youtube ones?
For example, tell link title, format, size.
<user posts a pic>
<Magnet> user's link: 200 kb, PNG, 1024x768
- !achievement "So and so got so and so" +10g, it will be placed on a tally
and with the command !achievements they can see what they've got in total
and who has the most at the moment
- add jid or nick or regexp to watch list (assign ID to it and remove by ID)
with a separate file for logging each watched item
- if person (non-member) joins and immediately posts a link, kick
- a command to predict when will a certain user appear.
- It could use, say, 5 previous days joins/quits and tells how many hours till predicted appearance.