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# Magnet2 by Grom PE. Public domain.
from magnet_api import *
def command_alias(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
try: (new_command, call_command_parameters) = parameters.split(' ', 1)
if not parameters:
return (
"Expected parameters: <new_command> <call_command> [call_parameters] where %s designates original parameters,"+
"\nOr [alias_command] to see an existing alias."
alias = parameters
if not room in bot.aliases or not alias in bot.aliases[room]:
return "Unknown alias %s"%(alias)
return "%s calls: %s %s"%(alias, bot.aliases[room][alias][0], bot.aliases[room][alias][1])
try: (call_command, call_parameters) = call_command_parameters.split(' ', 1)
except: (call_command, call_parameters) = (call_command_parameters, '')
if new_command in bot.commands:
return 'Command %s already exists.'%(new_command)
if not call_command in bot.commands:
return 'Command %s does not exist.'%(call_command)
if bot.commands[call_command]['level'] > access_level:
return 'Can not add an alias to higher level command.'
if not room in bot.aliases: bot.aliases[room] = {}
updating = new_command in bot.aliases[room]
bot.aliases[room][new_command] = (call_command, call_parameters)
return "Alias %s %s."%(new_command, ('added', 'updated')[updating])
def command_aliases(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
if not room in bot.aliases or len(bot.aliases[room]) == 0:
return "No aliases for this room defined."
return "Defined aliases for this room: %s."%(', '.join(bot.aliases[room].keys()))
def command_delalias(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
if parameters == '': return "Expected alias name."
if not room in bot.aliases or not parameters in bot.aliases[room]:
return "No alias %s found."%(parameters)
del bot.aliases[room][parameters]
return "Alias %s removed."%(parameters)
def load(bot):
bot.aliases = bot.load_database('aliases') or {}
bot.add_command('alias', command_alias, LEVEL_ADMIN)
bot.add_command('aliases', command_aliases, LEVEL_ADMIN)
bot.add_command('delalias', command_delalias, LEVEL_ADMIN)
def save(bot):
bot.save_database('aliases', bot.aliases)
def unload(bot):
del bot.aliases
def info(bot):
return 'Alias plugin v1.0.1'