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# Magnet2 by Grom PE. Public domain.
import xmpp, time
from magnet_api import *
# TODO: Clean wait_ping for those who didn't reply for long time
wait_ping = {}
def command_ping(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
if parameters:
target = parameters
if not target in bot.roster[room]:
return '%s is unreachable.'%(target)
if target == bot.self_nick[room]:
return 'Ping to %s is 0.0000 s.'%(target)
else: target = nick
target = '%s/%s'%(room, target)
iq = xmpp.Iq('get', None, {'id': 'ping1xtc'}, target)
iq.setTag('ping', namespace='urn:xmpp:ping')
wait_ping[target] = (time.time(), message.getType(), nick)
def event_room_iq(bot, (iq, room, nick)):
if iq.getID() == 'ping1xtc' and iq.getFrom() in wait_ping:
pinged = wait_ping[iq.getFrom()]
if pinged[1] == 'groupchat':
target = room
target = room+'/'+pinged[2]
delay = round(time.time()-pinged[0], 4)
bot.send_room_message(target, 'Ping to %s is %0.4f s.'%(nick, delay))
def load(bot):
bot.add_command('ping', command_ping, LEVEL_GUEST, 'ping')
def unload(bot):
def info(bot):
return 'Ping plugin v1.0.1'