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import re
import time
import thread
import urllib2
import random
if __name__ != "__main__":
from magnet_api import *
from magnet_utils import *
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
soup_version = 4
except ImportError:
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
soup_version = 3
except ImportError:
soup_version = None
# Known bugs:
# - when consecutive posts made within check period so that the last post
# goes to the next page, only the last one will be notified about
# - can miss threads gone over to the second page of subforum over the check period
# - can miss threads that have posts deleted and added to be the same amount as last seen
# - can miss thread updates if watched thread is the only one that got updated
# and there was an error loading subforum or that thread
really_down = False
last_check_times = {}#{"general": "Sep 14th 4:00am"}
# Format: thread_id: ("forum", last_post_id, timestamp)
watched_threads = {}#29825: ("general", 484700, "-")}
# Format: thread_id: "forum"
threads_to_start_watching = {}
available_forums = set(["general", "suggestions", "bugs", "artroom", "friendgames", "offtopic"])
forum_url = ""
subforum_url = ""
last_page_url = ""
random_things = ['hobo', 'shoe', 'log', 'bun', 'sandwich', 'bull', 'beer', 'hair',
'hill', 'beans', 'man', 'sofa', 'dinosaur', 'road', 'plank', 'hole', 'food',
'hedgehog', 'pine', 'toad', 'tooth', 'candy', 'rock', 'drop', 'book', 'button', 'carpet',
'wheel', 'computer', 'box', 'cat', 'rat', 'hook', 'chunk', 'boat', 'spade', 'sack',
'hammer', 'face', 'soap', 'nose', 'finger', 'steam', 'spring', 'hand', 'fish',
'elephant', 'dog', 'chair', 'bag', 'phone', 'robot', 'axe', 'grass', 'crack', 'teacher',
'breadcrumb', 'fridge', 'worm', 'nut', 'cloth', 'apple', 'tongue', 'jar'];
random_acts = ['crazy from', 'thanks', 'hits', 'lies around on', 'sees', 'grows in',
'attaches to', 'flies from', 'crawls from', 'chews', 'walks on', 'squishes', 'pecks',
'wobbles in', 'smokes from', 'smokes', 'rides', 'eats', 'squeals from under',
'is lost in', 'spins in', 'stuck in', 'hooks', 'angry at', 'bends', 'drips on',
'rolls on', 'digs', 'crawls in', 'flies at', 'massages', 'dreams of', 'kills', 'pulls',
"doesn't want", 'licks', 'shoots', 'falls off', 'falls in', 'crawls on', 'turns into',
'stuck to', 'jumps on', 'hides', 'hides in', 'disassembles', 'rips', 'dissolves',
'stretches', 'crushes', 'pushes', 'drowns in', 'pokes', 'runs away from', 'wants',
'scratches', 'throws', 'and', 'confused by', 'unimpressed by'];
random_descs = ['white', 'concrete', 'shiny', 'ill', 'big', 'ex', 'fast', 'happy',
'inside-out', 'hot', 'burning', 'thick', 'wooden', 'long', 'good', 'tattered', 'iron',
'liquid', 'frozen', 'green', 'evil', 'bent', 'rough', 'pretty', 'red', 'round',
'shaggy', 'bald', 'slow', 'wet', 'wrinkly', 'meaty', 'impudent', 'real', 'distraught',
'sharp', 'plastic', 'gift', 'squished', 'chubby', 'crumbling', 'horned', 'angry',
'sitting', 'stranded', 'dry', 'hard', 'thin', 'killer', 'walking', 'cold', 'wheezing',
'grunting', 'chirping', 'wide', 'electric', 'nuclear', 'confused', 'unimpressed'];
random_draw = ['Draw', 'Paint', 'Scribble', 'Doodle', 'Make', 'Throw together', 'Sketch']
def command_draw(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
r = random.randint(1, 3)
if r == 1:
ch = [
elif r == 2:
ch = [
ch = [
return "%s this: %s" % (random.choice(random_draw), ' '.join(ch))
def gethtml(url, ignore_errors=False):
opener = urllib2.build_opener()
opener.addheaders = [('User-agent', ' for Drawception chat')]
if ignore_errors:
f =
data =
except urllib2.HTTPError as e:
data =
f =
data =
return data
def new_message(text):
thebot.send_room_message(theroom, text)
def site_is_down(down):
global really_down
if really_down != down:
new_message(" is %s" % ("up!", "down.")[down])
really_down = down
def parse_forum_url(url_or_text):
m ="(\w+)\W(\d+)", url_or_text)
if not m: return "Couldn't extract forum and thread ID from that."
forum =
threadid = int(
if not forum in available_forums: return "No such forum: '%s'." % forum
return (forum, threadid)
def add_watch(url_or_text):
res = parse_forum_url(url_or_text)
if isinstance(res, str): return res
forum, threadid = res
if threadid in watched_threads: return "That thread is already watched."
threads_to_start_watching[threadid] = forum
return "Added forum thread %s/%d to watch." % (forum, threadid)
def remove_watch(url_or_text):
res = parse_forum_url(url_or_text)
if isinstance(res, str): return res
forum, threadid = res
res = "Thread %s/%d is not watched." % (forum, threadid)
if threadid in threads_to_start_watching:
res = "Thread removed from watch."
if threadid in watched_threads:
res = "Thread removed from watch."
return res
def check_thread(forum, threadid, lastpostid, timestamp):
url = last_page_url % (forum, threadid)
print("checking %s/%s"%(forum, threadid))
html = gethtml(url)
l = re.findall('div id="p(\d+)"', html)
if not l: return
newlastid = int(l[-1])
watched_threads[threadid] = (forum, newlastid, timestamp)
if lastpostid == newlastid: return # No new posts
newposts = [x for x in l if int(x) > lastpostid]
# Actual notification
title ='<title>(.+?)</title>', html).group(1)
if not soup_version:
new_message('New %s post(s) in %s forum thread "%s"' % (len(newposts), forum, title))
if soup_version == 4:
bs = BeautifulSoup(html)
bs = BeautifulSoup(html, convertEntities=BeautifulSoup.HTML_ENTITIES)
for newpost in newposts:
post = bs.find("div", {"id": "p%s" % newpost})
username = post.find("div", {"class": "comment-user"}).find("a").getText()
text = post.find("div", {"class": "comment-body"}).getText(" ").strip("\n")
if len(text) > 200: text = text[:195] + "[...]"
page = int(timestamp) / 20 + 1 # "timestamp" is actually post count
link = url.replace("?page=9999", "" if page == 1 else "?page=%d" % page)
new_message('@%s posts in "%s" ( %s#p%s ):\n%s' % (username, title, link, newpost, text))
def check_thread_begin_watch(forum, threadid):
url = last_page_url % (forum, threadid)
html = gethtml(url)
l = re.findall('div id="p(\d+)"', html)
if not l: return
lastpostid = int(l[-1])
watched_threads[threadid] = (forum, lastpostid, "-") # Timestamp will be added on the next check
def check_subforum(checkforum):
reallycheck = set([])
for threadid, v in watched_threads.items():
forum, lastpostid, timestamp = v
if forum == checkforum: reallycheck.add(forum)
if not reallycheck: return # No watched threads in that subforum
html = gethtml(subforum_url % checkforum)
#timestamps = re.findall('<span class="muted">\(last post (.+?)\)', html)
timestamps = re.findall('(\d+) replies <span class="text-muted">', html)
if not timestamps: return
threads = re.findall('<strong><a href="/forums/\w+/(\d+)/', html)
if not threads: return
for threadid, timestamp in zip(threads, timestamps):
threadid = int(threadid)
if threadid in watched_threads:
forum, lastpostid, ts = watched_threads[threadid]
if ts != timestamp:
check_thread(forum, threadid, lastpostid, timestamp)
def check_forum_mainpage():
# check mainpage first so in case of failure can abandon
html = gethtml(forum_url, True)
l = re.findall("forums/(\w+).+?last post (.+?)\)", html)
if not l:
if html.find("<title>Pagoda Box</title>") != -1:
# Add to-be-watched threads to watched
for threadid, forum in threads_to_start_watching.items():
check_thread_begin_watch(forum, threadid)
# For each subforum:
# Check last post time
# If has fresher time than last check AND has watched threads in that subforum, check subforum
forumstocheck = set([])
for forum, timestamp in l:
if not forum in last_check_times or last_check_times[forum] != timestamp:
if not forumstocheck: return # No updates
for forum in forumstocheck:
# update timestamps last so no updates will be lost in case of page load error
for forum, timestamp in l:
last_check_times[forum] = timestamp
def timer_checkforum(bot, arg):
thread.start_new_thread(check_forum_mainpage, ())
def command_watch(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
if not parameters: return 'Expected Drawception forum thread URL.'
if message.getType() != 'groupchat':
return 'Sneaky! This works only in the groupchat.'
return add_watch(parameters)
def command_unwatch(bot, room, nick, access_level, parameters, message):
if not parameters: return 'Expected Drawception forum thread URL.'
if message.getType() != 'groupchat':
return 'Sneaky! This works only in the groupchat.'
return remove_watch(parameters)
def load(bot):
global watched_threads, checkforum_timer, thebot, theroom
thebot = bot
theroom = ""
watched_threads = bot.load_database('dcforum') or {}
bot.add_command('watch', command_watch, LEVEL_MEMBER)
bot.add_command('unwatch', command_unwatch, LEVEL_MEMBER)
bot.add_command('draw', command_draw, LEVEL_GUEST)
checkforum_timer = TimedEventHandler(timer_checkforum, 240)
def save(bot):
bot.save_database('dcforum', watched_threads)
def unload(bot):
def info(bot):
return 'Drawception forum watch plugin v1.0.3'
if __name__ == "__main__":
def input_loop():
while 1:
s = raw_input("")
if s.startswith("watch "):
print add_watch(s[6:])
elif s.startswith("unwatch "):
print remove_watch(s[8:])
else: print "Error: unknown command"
lastcall = 0
def sim_loop():
global lastcall
print "Watching Drawception forum now."
print "Enter a command ([un]watch <URL>) or Ctrl+C to quit:"
thread.start_new_thread(input_loop, ())
while 1:
timenow = time.time()
if timenow - lastcall > 240:
lastcall = timenow
print "(Checking the forum...)"
thread.start_new_thread(check_forum_mainpage, ())
def print_new_message(text):
print text
new_message = print_new_message