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# Magnet2 by Grom PE. Public domain.
import xmpp, re
from magnet_api import *
from magnet_utils import *
flood_control = {}
def timer_flood_control(bot, arg):
for x in flood_control.keys():
if flood_control[x] > 0:
flood_control[x] -= 1
del flood_control[x]
flood_timer = TimedEventHandler(timer_flood_control, 2)
def check_flood_control(bot, room, nick, text, typ):
fc = flood_control.get(room+'/'+nick, 0)
fc += 2
if text[0] != bot.get_config(room, 'command_prefix'):
if len(text) > 40: fc += 1
elif len(text) < 6: fc += 1
elif len(text) < 4: fc += 2
elif len(text) < 2: fc += 3
reason = 'No flooding! Write your sentences in fewer posts.'
if typ != 'groupchat':
reason = 'No PM flooding the bot!'
fclimit = 8
if fc > fclimit:
bot.client.send(iq_set_role(room, nick, 'none', reason))
fc = 0
flood_control[room+'/'+nick] = fc
def check_long_text_kick(bot, room, nick, text):
if len(text) > 1024 or text.count('\n') > 10:
bot.client.send(iq_set_role(room, nick, 'none', 'Too long - use a pastebin!'))
def check_bad_words_kick(bot, room, nick, text, reason):
if hasbadwords(text):
bot.client.send(iq_set_role(room, nick, 'none', reason))
def check_caps_kick(bot, room, nick, text):
caps = re.sub('[^A-Z]+', '', text)
nocaps = re.sub('[^a-z]+', '', text)
threshold = 0
if len(caps) > 7:
threshold = float(len(caps))/(len(caps)+len(nocaps))
if threshold > 0.66:
bot.client.send(iq_set_role(room, nick, 'none', "Don't write in ALL CAPS! Repeated caps abuse will lead to ban."))
def check_long_nick_kick(bot, room, nick, role):
if role == 'moderator': return
if len(nick) > 30:
bot.client.send(iq_set_role(room, nick, 'none', 'Shorten your nick then rejoin.'))
def event_nick_changed(bot, (presence, room, nick, newnick)):
check_long_nick_kick(bot, room, newnick, bot.roster[room][nick][ROSTER_ROLE])
def event_joined(bot, (presence, room, nick, jid, role, affiliation, status, status_text)):
check_long_nick_kick(bot, room, nick, role)
def event_room_roster(bot, (presence, room, nick, jid, role, affiliation, status, status_text)):
check_long_nick_kick(bot, room, nick, role)
def event_room_presence(bot, (presence, room, nick)):
if nick in bot.roster[room]:
if bot.roster[room][nick][ROSTER_ROLE] == 'moderator': return
if 'badwords_kick' in bot.get_config(room, 'options'):
status_text = presence.getTagData('status')
if status_text:
check_bad_words_kick(bot, room, nick, status_text, 'Swearing in status text.')
check_bad_words_kick(bot, room, nick, nick, 'Swearing in the nickname.')
def event_room_message(bot, (message, room, nick)):
if not nick: return
if nick in bot.roster[room]:
if bot.roster[room][nick][ROSTER_ROLE] == 'moderator': return
text = message.getBody()
if not text: return
typ = message.getType()
if typ == 'groupchat' and text:
if 'caps_kick' in bot.get_config(room, 'options'):
check_caps_kick(bot, room, nick, text)
if 'badwords_kick' in bot.get_config(room, 'options'):
check_bad_words_kick(bot, room, nick, text, 'Watch your language.')
check_long_text_kick(bot, room, nick, text)
check_flood_control(bot, room, nick, text, typ)
def load(bot):
def unload(bot):
def info(bot):
return 'User limits plugin v1.0.2'