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Python YaMusic Readme

This library for using yandex music in python with orm and cursor.

Using ORM

Import models:
>>> from import Artist, Album, Track
Use filter for iterate result:
>>> Track.objects.filter(title='this must be', artist__title='royksopp', album__title='junior')
>>> Album.objects.filter(artist__title='royksopp', title='junior')
>>> Artist.objects.filter(title='royksopp')
For managing iterated filter result you can use:
>>> Track.objects.filter(artist__title='unkle').all()
>>> Album.objects.filter(artist__title='a place')[1:5:2]
>>> Artist.objects.filter(title='the')[5]
If you want to get single item use get instead filter:
>>> Track.objects.get(title='this must be', artist__title='royksopp', album__title='junior')
>>> Album.objects.get(artist__title='royksopp', title='junior')
>>> Artist.objects.get(title='royksopp')
You can get Album and Artist by id:
>>> Artist.objects.get(id=49522)
>>> Album.objects.get(id=34596)
For getting track you need id and on of album, album__id or album__title
>>> Track.objects.get(id=id, album__id=album__id)
Or if you only need play use id and storage_dir:
>>> Track.objects.get(id=id, storage_dir=storage_dir)

Using cursor [deprecated]

Import search app:
>>> from import Search, cursor
Cursor can search artists:
>>>, 'query')
>>>, 'query')
And tracks:
>>>, 'query')
If single=True, search return one item:
>>>, 'query', single=True)

Else - return iterator.

Work with search result

For getting data from albums and artists use:
>>> artist.get_albums()
>>> artist.get_tracks()
>>> album.get_tracks()
For opening track like file use:
For fast getting data objects have:
>>> track.artist
>>> track.album
>>> track.title
>>> album.artist
>>> album.title
>>> artist.title

Other you can find in source.