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Welcome to MS5611 library

MS5611-01BA Pressure Sensor - ARDUINO

This is a C++ library for barometric pressure sensor MS5611-01BA. My motivation for writing this library was fact that some existing libraries had a bug in the pressure reading compensation routine for low temperatures. As a result, the pressure readings at low temperatures (< ~12C) were completely off.

The library was tested for pressure stability in the temperature range of -11C - 50C using regular kitchen fridge and oven. In this temperature range, the measured variance of the absolute altitude at the 200m above the see level was estimated at cca 20m (600ft).

Therefore, be aware of using MS5611 in temperature unstable environments where device rely on absolute altitude.

Minimalistic example:

Reads pressure and sends the value to the serial monitor (UART)

#include <MS5611.h>

MS5611 baro;
int32_t pressure;

void setup() {
  // Start barometer
  baro = MS5611();
  // Start serial (UART)

void loop() {
  // Read pressure
  pressure = baro.getPressure();
  // Send pressure via serial (UART);