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io-watchdog - The IO Watchdog.

The IO Watchdog is a facility for monitoring user applications,
most notably parallel jobs, for "hangs" which typically have
a side-effect of ceasing all write activity (IO) in a cyclic
application (i.e. an application that writes something to a log
or data file during each cycle of computation). The io-watchdog
attempts to monitor all write activity coming from an application
and triggers a set of user-defined actions when IO has ceased for
a configurable timeout period.

The IO watchdog consists of a LD_PRELOAD library (the interposer)
which intercepts calls to various output-related calls in libc,
along with a watchdog server which wakes up periodically and
ensures that the application has written something during the last
timeout period. If not, the watchdog server issues a warning on
the application's stderr, and invokes all user defined actions,
which could include running a debugger on the application, sending
email to the user, etc.

Set up of the LD_PRELOAD library is facilitated with either the
io-watchdog(1) utility, or a SPANK plug-in for SLURM which adds
a new --io-watchdog command line option to srun(1).  To enable
the io-watchdog SLURM plugin, the following line must exist in


The io-watchdog supports the following tunable parameters:

 timeout    The watchdog timeout. Default = 1 hour.
 rank       The MPI rank for which the watchdog runs if a SLURM job.
 actions    A list of actions to run on watchdog trigger.
 target     A pattern match for target of io-watchdog if running multiple
             applications in a pipeline or single job.

These may be set on the command line, or in an io-watchdog configuration
file. Configuration files that are read automatically if they exist

  /etc/io-watchdog/io-watchdog.conf    System defaults
  ~/.io-watchdogrc                     User defaults.

A config file may also be specified on the command line to override
the default location of the user configuration.

See "io-watchdog --help" and "srun --io-watchdog=help" for
more information.


Monitor processes and parallel workloads for hangs




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