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Protect your Privacy! - Note taking encryption
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Protect your Privacy!

Take simple text notes. You can put them into folders to create your own quick, easy and robust file structure.

CrocodileNote uses AES encryption. In encryption mode all data is encrypted using password-based encryption (PKCS#5) with AES-256. These are common industry-proven standards!

Use encryption if you want to protect your data and your privacy! 

I have also an Android version which uses the same files. Still working on meaningful combination instead of file copy or cloud sync.
The Android app ist this:

Binary release of THIS application (Windows user-friendly setup):

CrocodileNote by Groomiac (


The following 3rd-party software is used or embedded in compliance with
their respective licenses (in alphabetical order).

All trademarks and software are the property of their respective owners.

 * Apache Commons Codec

 * Java and the Java Runtime from Oracle (JRE embedded)
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