An embeddable fulltext search engine. Groonga is the successor project to Senna.
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nginx_version nginx: update to latest release Sep 27, 2016 Support grn_get_version() with "git clone --depth 1" repository Apr 14, 2013


Groonga is an open-source fulltext search engine and column store.

Reference manual

See doc/source/ directory or

Here are shortcut links:


Bundled software


  • Path: vendor/mruby-source
  • License: The MIT license. See vendor/mruby-source/MITL for details.


  • Path: vendor/onigmo-source
  • License: BSD license. See vendor/onigmo-source/COPYING for details.


  • Path: vendor/nginx-${VERSION}
  • License: BSD license. See vendor/nginx-${VERSION}/LICENSE for details.


Primary authors

  • Daijiro MORI
  • Tasuku SUENAGA
  • Yutaro Shimamura
  • Kouhei Sutou
  • Kazuho Oku
  • Moriyoshi Koizumi

Patches and modules from

TODO: Update or use instead.

  • Daisuke Maki
  • Kazuhiro Osawa
  • Hiroyuki OYAMA
  • Nguyen Anh Phu
  • Hideyuki KUROSU
  • Takuo Kitame
  • Yoshihiro Oyama
  • cZfSunOs.U