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An embeddable fulltext search engine. Groonga is the successor project to Senna.
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.logaling doc ja: translate tokenize command
benchmark Add "grn_" prefix to internal headers
bindings add test
build Fix a typo...
data rpm deb: add experimental environment variables
doc Update to the latest release
examples Update file list
include Fix continuous line position
lib Use constant
packages rpm centos: add vector plugin
plugins sharding: remove debug print
src windows: use _snprintf_s() on Windows
test grn_obj_cast: return GRN_INVALID_ARGUMENT for not found record
tools travis: remove jemalloc tests
vendor nginx: update to latest release
.dir-locals.el emacs: add missing sh-indentation configration
.gitignore Ignore auto generated files
.gitmodules Add test mechanism for query optimizer
.travis.yml travis: remove jemalloc tests
CMakeLists.txt Support detecting MessagePack by pkg-config
COPYING update FSF address. Follow website environment variable change Add
appveyor.yml appveyor: don't omit year Accept vendor/mruby-source/.git directory
base_version Bump version
config.h.cmake Remove needless open() check Add groonga-mruby command Disable -Wfloat-equal for mruby
gpg_uid Recreate GPG key for CentOS 5... groonga-httpd windows: set extension Add missing sbindir
nginx_version nginx: update to latest release Support grn_get_version() with "git clone --depth 1" repository


Groonga is an open-source fulltext search engine and column store.

Reference manual

See doc/source/ directory or

Bundled software


  • Path: vendor/mruby-source
  • License: The MIT license. See vendor/mruby-source/MITL for details.


  • Path: vendor/onigmo-source
  • License: BSD license. See vendor/onigmo-source/COPYING for details.


  • Path: vendor/nginx-${VERSION}
  • License: BSD license. See vendor/nginx-${VERSION}/LICENSE for details.


Primary authors

  • Daijiro MORI
  • Tasuku SUENAGA
  • Yutaro Shimamura
  • Kouhei Sutou
  • Kazuho Oku
  • Moriyoshi Koizumi

Patches and modules from

TODO: Update or use instead.

  • Daisuke Maki
  • Kazuhiro Osawa
  • Hiroyuki OYAMA
  • Nguyen Anh Phu
  • Hideyuki KUROSU
  • Takuo Kitame
  • Yoshihiro Oyama
  • cZfSunOs.U
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