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@@ -105,12 +105,43 @@ name. Those features are implemented by ``TABLE_DAT_KEY``. The number
of objects is small. So large data size demerit of ``TABLE_DAT_KEY``
can be ignored.
+Record ID
+Record ID is assigned automatically. You cannot assign record ID.
+Record ID of deleted record may be reused.
+Valid record ID range is between 1 and 268435455. (1 and 268435455 are
+valid IDs.)
+Persistent table and temporary table
+Table is persistent table or temporary table.
+Persistent table
+Persistent table is named and registered to database. Records in
+persistent table aren't deleted after closing table or
+Persistent table can be created by
+:doc:`/reference/commands/table_create` command.
+Temporary table
+Temporary table is anonymous. Records in temporary table are deleted
+after closing table. Temporary table is used to store search result,
+sort result, group (drilldown) result and so on. ``TABLE_HASH_KEY`` is
+used for search result and group result. ``TABLE_NO_KEY`` is used for
+sort result.
-Valid ID range is between 1 and 268435455. (1 and 268435455 are valid
The max number of records is 268435455. You cannot add 268435456 or
more records in a table.
@@ -123,7 +154,6 @@ The max number of total key size is 4GiB. You need to split a table,
split a database (sharding) or reduce each key size to handle 4GiB or
more larger total key size.
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