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Heroku buildpack: Groonga

This is a Heroku buildpack of Groonga.


heroku create --buildpack

Create groonga directory on the root of your project and place *.grn files in the directory. *.grn files will be loaded in the dictionary order of their file names.

mkdir -p groonga
vi groonga/0-schema.grn
vi groonga/1-data.grn
vi groonga/9-indexes.grn

Then push them to Heroku.

git push heroku master

Environment variables

You can use the following environment variables:

  • GROONGA_BASE_PATH: The directory path to be placed Groogna related files such as database. You can use the directory to put Groonga related files.
  • GROONGA_DATABASE_PATH: The Groonga database path for your application. The path exists under GROONGA_BASE_PATH directory.
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