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To make a new release:
Run tests
1) phpunit
Deploy HEAD to a wordpress instance to test:
2) git archive --prefix=promote-mdn/ HEAD > wp-content/plugins/promote-mdn.tgz
3) cd wp-content/plugins && tar zxvf promote-mdn.tgz
If successful:
4) update version number in README.txt and promote-mdn.php
5) git archive HEAD > promote-mdn/trunk/promote-mdn.tgz
6) cd promote-mdn && tar zxvf promote-mdn.tgz
7) svn ci -m "Release X code"
8) svn cp trunk tags/X
9) svn add tags/X
10) svn ci -m "Release X tag"
11) change "Stable tag: X" in README.txt
12) svn add README.txt
13) svn ci -m "Launching Release X"