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See README in parent directory before reading on.
Okay, so now you know what this is all about.
*** Introduction
libgroovy is the core native Groovy library for runtime use. Any Groovy application
requires this library (and the standard libgcj libraries) to run.
libgroovy only contains a subset of the standard Groovy library. Currently it only
runs basic Groovy scripts.
You may notice that there are no actual source files here. This is because libgroovy
is built from the Java source files from Groovy. The source files for the Java ASM
library are also required.
*** Building the library.
This library currently only compiles on UNIX.
You need:
- JDK.
- GCJ.
- The Java source for Groovy and ASM.
- Bash.
Edit and set the appropriate variables at the top of the script.
(may take some time and generate a collection of warnings - but hopefully no errors).
If all goes to plan, you should end up with and libgroovy.jar in the current
*** Notes on how the library is built.
The stripped down library only tries to compile the classes listed in groovy-src and asm-src.
Certain tweaks needed to be made to get the source to compile as GCJ only partially supports
the J2SE1.4 library. Rather than modify the Groovy source, patches the source using
patch.diff to get the code to compile (although nobbling some features in doing so).
*** How to use the library.
Coming soon. In the mean time, look at one of the examples.
- Joe Walnes <>
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