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Update with new build instructions for Gradle

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-To build you will need:
+_Starting from Groovy 2.0-0-rc-1, the Ant build is no longer supported_
-* [JDK 1.5+](
+To build you will need:
-Plus one of the following (Gradle will download itself if needed):
+* [JDK 1.7+](
-* [Apache Ant 1.7+](
-* [Gradle 0.9.2+](
For detailed instructions please see:
* [](
-To build everything using ant (including running tests and creating a complete installation):
+To build everything using Gradle (the command below will download Gradle automatically, you do not need to download it first).
+ ./gradlew clean dist
- ant install
+This will generate a distribution similar to the zip you can download on the Groovy download page.
-To build without running tests or creating OSGi information:
+To build everything and launch unit tests, use
- ant install -DskipTests=true -DskipOsgi=true
+ ./gradlew test
-To run tests from gradle (will download gradle the first time):
+To build from IntelliJ IDEA
- gradlew test
+ ./gradlew idea
+ ./gradlew jarAll
+Then open the generated project in IDEA.
To build from Eclipse:
-* ant install
-* ensure that the M2_REPO classpath variable exists and points to the correct place (typically ~/.m2/repository)
- * To Change this, go to Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> Classpath variables
-* Project -> Clean... and then build. Should compile with no errors. But if there are errors, then send a message to the groovy users mailing list
-* You will *not* be able to run the tests from inside of Eclipse.
+InvokeDynamic support
+The Groovy build supports the new Java 7 JVM instruction ```invokedynamic```. If you want to build Groovy with invokedynamic, you can use the project property ```indy```:
+ ./gradlew -Pindy=true clean test
+Please note that the following Gradle tasks generate both indy and non indy variants of the jars, so you don't need to use the system property:
+* dist
+* install
+* uploadArchives

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