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GROOVY-3043, fixes some whitespace issues with quoted arguments

git-svn-id: a5544e8c-8a19-0410-ba12-f9af4593a198
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1 parent 4d6eacc commit 4141b7e00d49c54f7fbf23d77a145981ec5ff55b @blackdrag blackdrag committed Apr 7, 2009
Showing with 14 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +14 −2 src/bin/startGroovy.bat
16 src/bin/startGroovy.bat
@@ -129,34 +129,46 @@ set _ARGS=%_ARGS:6*=6-s%
set _ARGS=%_ARGS:7*=7-s%
set _ARGS=%_ARGS:8*=8-s%
set _ARGS=%_ARGS:9*=9-s%
rem prequote all args for 'for' statement
set _ARGS="%_ARGS%"
+set _ARG=
rem split args by spaces into first and rest
for /f "tokens=1,*" %%i in (%_ARGS%) do call :get_arg "%%i" "%%j"
goto process_arg
rem remove quotes around first arg
-for %%i in (%1) do set _ARG=%%~i
+for %%i in (%1) do set _ARG=%_ARG% %%~i
rem set the remaining args
set _ARGS=%2
+rem remove the leading space we'll add the first time
+if "x%_ARG:~0,1%" == "x " set _ARG=%_ARG:~1%
rem return
goto :EOF
if "%_ARG%" == "" goto execute
+rem collect all parts of a quoted argument containing spaces
+if not "%_ARG:~0,2%" == "-q" goto :argIsComplete
+if "%_ARG:~-2%" == "-q" goto :argIsComplete
+rem _ARG starts with a quote but does not end with one:
+rem add the next part to _ARG until the matching quote is found
+goto :win9xME_args_loop
if "x4" == "x%_SKIP%" goto skip_4
if "x3" == "x%_SKIP%" goto skip_3
if "x2" == "x%_SKIP%" goto skip_2
if "x1" == "x%_SKIP%" goto skip_1
rem now unescape -q, -s, -d
-set _ARG=%_ARG:-q="%
set _ARG=%_ARG:-s=*%
set _ARG=%_ARG:-d=-%
+set _ARG=%_ARG:-q="%
set _ARG=

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