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04-Aug-09: groovy 1.7beta1 tag17153
13-Oct-09: groovy 1.7beta2 tag17962
28-Nov-09: groovy 1.7rc1 tag18436
23-Dec-09: groovy 1.7.0
07-Apr-10: groovy 1.7.2 tag19775
14-Jun-10: groovy 1.7.3 tag20280
22-Sep-10: groovy 1.7.5 tag20761
06-Feb-11: groovy 1.7.7 tag21482
16-Feb-11: groovy 1.7.8 tag21550
16-Mar-11: groovy 1.8.0-rc-2 tag21780
04-May-11: groovy 1.8.0 tag22084
29-Jul-11: groovy 1.8.1 tag22643
06-Sep-11: groovy 1.8.2 git tag
13-Oct-11: groovy 1.8.3
14-Nov-11: groovy 1.8.4
26-Jan-12: groovy 1.8.5
13-Feb-12: groovy 1.8.6
10-Apr-12: took groovy 2.0.0 beta3 snapshot dated 10April and moved to it - as first go at 2.0 support
28-Jun-12: groovy 2.0.0
21-Sep-12: groovy 2.0.4
18-Dec-12: groovy 2.0.6
26-Feb-13: groovy 2.0.7
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