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A full-featured Markdown editing environment for Eclipse.


  • Choice of Markdown converter

  • Real-time preview

    • reactively rendered using Vue.js
    • LaTex/Math presentation using MathJax
    • stylesheet controlled presentation
      • multiple built-in stylesheets
      • local custom/user defined stylesheets
  • Export to HTML and PDF

    • PDF export uses Pandoc
    • supports user-specified latex templates
  • Diagram rendering

  • Spell check with quick-assist correction processor

  • Smart editing behaviors, including intelligent paragraph, list & blank line handling

  • Table editor

  • Text, list and table formatter

  • Outline view with drag-and-drop support


1. Dot Graph

2. Sequence Diagram

Installation & Configuration

Requires Eclipse 2020-06 & JDK 1.8+.

Install from the Certiv Tools update site:

Preferences ---

  • WindowCertiv ToolsFluentMark

Pandoc converter ---

  • Install Pandoc. The pandoc executable can then be selected from the local filesystem on the Pandoc Converter preference page.

PDF export ---

  • Both Pandoc and a LaTeX processor must be installed. Pandoc recommends MikTeX.

DOT graphics ---

  • Install Graphviz. The dot executable can then be selected on the Converter preference page.

UML and other diagrams ---

  • The basic PlantUml jar is built-in. Diagrams other than sequence diagrams require DOT graphics. If Graphviz is installed in a non-default directory, set the GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable to the actual installation directory.

BlackFriday converter ---

  • Install the customized blackfriday-tool from GitHub. A Windows 64-bit compiled executable is available for download: The blackfriday-tool executable can then be selected on the BlackFriday Converter preference page.



Key Function
Ctrl-Space Open quick assist popup
Ctrl-1 Spellcheck quick correct
Ctrl-b Toggle bold of selected text
Ctrl-i Toggle italics of selected text
Ctrl-/ Toggle Markdown-style commenting of selected text
Ctrl-Shift-/ Toggle HTML-style commenting of selected text
Ctrl-Shift-f Format - full page or selected text
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-f Format - with unwrapped text

Table Editor

Double-click on an existing table to open the table editor. While in the editor, double-click a cell to edit text. Tab and arrow keys will navigate between cells. Return to end cell editing.


Open an issue on Github. Provide as much information as possible

  • a minimal Markdown document that demonstrates the issue
  • OS name and version version
  • the error message encountered


  1. Markdown Syntax
  2. MathJax TeX Commands
  3. PlantUML Language
  4. Graphviz 'Dot' Language
  5. LaTex Templates for Pandoc PDF generation:


EPL v1

Spans and Blocks


Raw HTML can be used both in-line and as left margin blocks delimited by blank lines.

In-line Math

In-line Math uses single $ open/close delimiters. Can be embedded in other markdown features.

The opening $ must have a non-space character immediately right. The closing $ must have a non-whitespace character immediately left and must be followed immediately by a non-digit or whitespace.

An inline math $1+2\neq3$! example.

renders to

An inline math $1+2\neq3$! example.

Math Blocks

Simple math blocks are delimited using double $, i.e., $$, marks at the left margin. The starting delimiter must follow a blank line and the ending delimiter must lead a blank line.

<<blank line>>
 u(x) =
   \exp{x} & \text{if } x \geq 0 \\
   1       & \text{if } x < 0
<<blank line>>

renders to

$$ u(x) = \begin{cases} \exp{x} & \text{if } x \geq 0 \ 1 & \text{if } x < 0 \end{cases} $$

LaTex Block

Delimited by the Latex standard \begin{...} and \end{...} keywords. These keywords must both be left-margin aligned. The block must be separated from all other content by blank lines.

<<blank line>>
<<blank line>>

renders to

\begin{equation} f(x)=(x+a)(x+b) \end{equation}


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