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FluentMark -- Eclipse editor for Markdown content
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A full-featured Markdown editing environment for Eclipse.

Survey: Proposal to remove legacy converters.


  • Choice of Markdown converter
  • Real-time preview
    • smooth, reactively rendered HTML display, using Vue.js
    • stylesheet controlled presentation
      • multiple built-in stylesheets
      • local custom/user defined stylesheets
  • PDF export using Pandoc
    • custom/user defined latex page template support
  • LaTex/Math presentation using MathJax
  • Code highlighting using highlightjs
  • Diagram rendering
    • Graph diagrams using the Graphviz DOT language
    • UML diagrams using the PlantUml language
    • all diagram previews are rendered in real-time
    • exported Web and PDF documents embed the diagrams as scalable images
  • Spell check with quick-assist correction processor
  • Smart editing behaviors, including intelligent paragraph, list & blank line handling
  • Table editor
  • Text, list and table formatter
  • Outline view with drag-and-drop support


1. Dot Graph [![Fluentmark Dot graph][1]][1] 2. Sequence Diagram [![Fluentmark Sequence diagram][2]][2]

Installation & Use

Requires Eclipse Photon & JDK 1.8+.

Install from the Certiv Tools update site:

Preferences ---

  • WindowCertiv ToolsFluentMark

Pandoc converter ---

  • Install Pandoc. The pandoc executable can then be selected from the local filesystem on the Pandoc Converter preference page.

PDF export ---

  • Both Pandoc and a LaTeX processor must be installed. Pandoc recommends MikTeX.

DOT graphics ---

  • Install Graphviz. The dot executable can then be selected on the Converter preference page.

UML diagrams ---

  • The basic PlantUml jar is built-in. Diagrams other than sequence diagrams require DOT graphics. If Graphviz is installed in a non-default directory, set the GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable to the actual installation directory.

BlackFriday converter ---

  • Install the customized blackfriday-tool from GitHub. A Windows 64-bit compiled executable is available for download: The blackfriday-tool executable can then be selected on the BlackFriday Converter preference page.


Key Function
Ctrl-Space Opens the template assist popup
Ctrl-1 Spell check quick correct
Ctrl-b Toggles bold of selected text
Ctrl-i Toggles italics of selected text
Ctrl-/ Toggles Markdown-style commenting of selected text
Ctrl-Shift-/ Toggles HTML-style commenting of selected text
Ctrl-Shift-f Format - full page or selection
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-f Format - with unwrapped text


In-line Math uses single $ open/close delimiters. Can be embedded in other markdown features.

The opening $ must have a non-space character immediately right. The closing $ must have a non-space character immediately left and must be followed immediately by a non-digit.

Math blocks are delimited using double $ (i.e., $$) marks at the left margin. The open delimiter must follow a blank line and the close delimiter must lead a blank line.

Table Editor

Double-click on a table to open the table editor. While in the editor, double-click a cell to edit text. Tab and arrow keys will navigate between cells. Return to end cell editing.


Open an issue on Github.

Provide as much information as applicable, including the plugin version number, any error message encountered, and a minimal example of the Markdown text at issue.


  1. Markdown Syntax
  2. TEX Commands available in MathJax
  3. PlantUML Language Specification
  4. Dot Language Man Page
  5. Pandoc Latex Templates (for PDF generation):


EPL v1

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