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Agiledox is a simple rake script, to transform your tests/specs into documentation.

There are to many versions and hacks of the [ original agiledox task] out there, so i grabbed them all, added sugar+refactoring+rspec and put them into one task.


Drop into lib/tasks.


A User:
  - should not be valid without login
  - should not be valid without email
A Users Controller's:
  'new' action:
    - should succeed
  'edit' action:
    - should succeed
A /users/edit:
  - sould show errors
  - sould have enought rows
A Users Helper:


rake dox
rake dox:test => all files matching _test.rb
rake dox:test:units
rake dox:spec:models
rake spec:dox => all files matching _spec.rb
rake spec:models:dox
rake test:functionals:dox

test=> units,functionals,integration
spec=> models,controllers,views,helpers


Set options in the agiledox_options.


Default: OFF

Write the output as comment to the tested file(models/controllers only)

#A User:
#  - should create valid user
#  - should stop invalid
#  - should not allow duplicated fields
#  - should be activated by default
#  - should only find activated
class User < ActiveRecord::Base


Default: ON

test/functionals only: use the Test::Rails sheme of naming your tests: test_{action}_should....

An Users Controller's:
  'create' action:
    - should set a notice
    - should redirect to user on success
    - should redirect to index on failure

License: MIT

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