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=== 4.1.4 / 2009-08-07
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Added ability to prepend file mappings in autotest. (irohiroki)
* Switched autodiscover to use Gem.find_files.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Updated doco for API changes. (David Ruan)
* Updated git URL for Rubinius. jbarnette
=== 4.1.3 / 2009-06-23
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed rakefile to include seattlerb plugin. release was flubbed
=== 4.1.2 / 2009-06-23
* 1 minor enhancement:
* multiruby configure now passes --enable-shared to support wilson and friends.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Delete RUBYOPT in multiruby_setup to avoid catastrophe. dbalatero
* Fixed version number munging for tarballs.
=== 4.1.1 / 2009-06-03
* 1 bug fix:
* some calls to didn't have logging. fixed (jcoglan)
=== 4.1.0 / 2009-06-03
* 1 major enhancement:
* Removed all plugins I don't want to maintain anymore. (gem inst autotest-rails)
* 4 minor enhancements:
* Added #blur to focus.rb to nuke all other test classes
* Clear RUBYOPT before installs (balatero)
* Removed test/unit include in zentest so we can focus on miniunit
* sort versions for builds. (Jens Wille)
* 6 bug fixes:
* Fixed a stupid bug when running on some versions of bash >= 3.2.x and using '&>' in a system call. (Jens Wille)
* Fixed inconsistent test commands in autotest. (jbarnette)
* Fixed unit_diff's usage generation when installed as gem. (borior)
* Fixed zentest to deal with unnamed classes. (Bill Dortch)
* Removed buggy/unused -l support in unit_diff. (borior)
* make twice to make it more resilient to makefile parallel bugs
=== 4.0.0 / 2009-03-02
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Deleted autotest/screen - releasing as a separate gem soon.
* Deleted test-rails and rails_test_audit.
* 8 minor enhancements:
* Added "tags" command to multiruby_setup.
* Added "the_usual" as a recipe for multiruby_setup. Motivated by Dr. Nic.
* Added :died hook to Autotest (yoshuki).
* Added focus.rb, helping you ignore extra tests while you focus on something.
* Added multigem command line tool!
* Cleaned up multiruby to make it easier to tweak.
* Parameterized testlib so you can override test/unit in autotest. Thanks JB!
* Switched tests and rakefile to minitest. 20% faster!
* 7 bug fixes:
* Fix Autotest::Screen to distinguish between errors and failures. (khalsah)
* Fixed some hook commands from overriding others.
* Hopefully fixed growl support on 10.5.x?
* Supposedly adding -w to growlnotify will fix autotest/growl.
* Updated missing entries in Autotest::ALL_HOOKS.
* Updated rubygems download location. (carletti)
* Still not automated :(
* ruby 1.9.1 fixes.
=== 3.11.1 / 2009-01-20
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Parameterized test_lib so you can override test/unit. Thanks JB!
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed growl autotest plugin hooks to not return true, preempting other plugins.
=== 3.11.0 / 2008-10-22
* 19 minor enhancements:
* Added :updated hook, gets list of updated files before running tests.
* Added autotest/restart.rb - restarts autotest if .autotest updated.
* Added better help to multiruby.
* Added dummy build command to multiruby_setup.
* Added git support.
* Added rbx:ln:$dir and rbx:git:current.
* Added rubygems:merge as a nice little hack to share rubygems setups.
* Added svn tag updating (eg will svn sw from mri 1.8.6 222 to 1.8.6 231).
* Autotest hooks now take *args as well as instance of autotest.
* Made it possible to have manually specified tags.
* Made multiruby a little more self-repairing wrt symlinks and build dirs.
* Refactored into mri_latest_tag(v).
* Refactored unit_diff to make it a bit easier to use as a library.
* Refactored zentest mapping main methods into munge/unmunge.
* Removed rubinius specific symlink hacks, now fully supported.
* mri:svn:releases figures out all the latest patch levels.
* multiruby_setup clean now checks for rakefile first, since rbx has both. :(
* multiruby_setup help now exits instead of building.
* multiruby_setup list and clean now exit
* 2 bug fixes:
* ZenTestMapping converts operator prefixes to operators only when an _ follows.
* Apparently doesn't return it's last value. fixed.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Fixed bug in mri:svn:branch:xxx with svn dir name.
* multiruby_setup rm now smarter about tarballs.
=== 3.10.0 / 2008-06-17
* 1 major enhancement:
* Added multiruby_setup to help manage multiruby installed versions.
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Added autotest/once plugin to help plugin developers.
* Heavily refactored multiruby.
* Switched rubinius from shotgun/rubinius to bin/rbx, finally.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Refactored zentest_mapping test to avoid zentest altogether.
* zentest tests bail gracefully for rubinius.
=== 3.9.3 / 2008-06-09
* 12 minor enhancements:
* Added $RUBY env support to autotest so you can swap what ruby to run.
* Added ALL_HOOKS array to autotest for hook devs.
* Added EXCLUDED_VERSIONS to multiruby. Integrated with hoe.
* Added miniunit compatibility to unit_diff's output.
* Multiruby now determines the latest versions 1.8/1.9 automatically.
* Removed deprecated :run hook.
* Fixed zentest_assertions to be compatible with miniunit. Will phase out.
* Minor autotest plugin cleanup / fixes.
* Moved assert_callback to test/rails/test_case.rb
* Reversed assert_includes' arguments.
* Updated requirements info for other ruby impls.
* util_capture now returns strings, not iostrings.
* 1 bug fixes:
* (add|remove)_(mappings|exceptions) now all return nil to help fix autotest hooks.
=== 3.9.2 / 2008-03-20
* 4 minor enhancements:
* Added compatibility with miniunit differences.
* Added email_notify, jabber_notify, and rcov autotest plugins.
* Updated rakefile to include examples automatically in example_dot_autotest.
* multiruby now outputs each command so you can grab it easily.
* 5 bug fixes:
* Ensure tests are run after reset.
* Fixed all test/rails tests to run in any combo.
* Fixed up growl.rb a bit... still buggy (growlnotify, not growl.rb).
* Fixes for -f (fast start) and last_mtime in general.
* Fixes for 1.9 and rubinius
=== 3.9.1 / 2008-01-31
* 1 bug fix:
* OMG I'm so dumb... fixed memory leak.
=== 3.9.0 / 2008-01-30
* 15 minor enhancements:
* Added Wilson's patch to allow unit_diff to work with mspec. Adding rspec next.
* Minor overhaul for autotest:
* Added -f flag to start up without testing.
* Added -q flag to autotest to make it extra quiet. Patch by Aaron Patterson.
* Added ability to set test execution order, defaults to :random. EVIL!
* Added completed_re and failed_results_re to help subclasses like rspec.
* Added deprecation warnings for hooks. Deprecated :run.
* Added find_directories accessor, defaults to ['.']
* Added sleep accessor, defaults to 1 second.
* Changed find_files to order files in the same order as find_directories.
* Changed how autodiscover works with $:, added lib to the front.
* Cleaned out nearly every @ and use accessor methods instead. You should too.
* Made test_mappings ordered.
* Removed @files, adding @find_order and @known_files.
* Renamed tests_for_file to test_files_for.
* test_files_for now only returns known files.
=== 3.8.0 / 2008-01-12
* 10 minor enhancements:
* Added basic support for rubinius in multiruby.
* Changed Dunno! message to only output on -v
* Added Getting Started with Autotest by Philippe Hanrigou (with permission)
* Updated example_dot_autotest.rb for newer plugins.
* Cleaned up rdoc.
* Worked with David Chelimsky to make Autotest more uber for subclasses.
* Removed exceptions and test_mappings accessors and replaced with add/remove/clear methods. Updating .autotest should be very straightforward.
* Moved :initialize hook to beginning of run method
* Changed load/customization order to be:
* Autotest
* AutotestSubClass
* ~/.autotest
* ./.autotest (yes, both .autotest files).
* Moved away from using instance variables to encourage subclasses to use accessors.
=== 3.7.2 / 2008-01-09
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Extended file map for tests to include subdirs correctly.
* Added debugging output on bad maps if -v set.
=== 3.7.1 / 2007-12-27
* 2 minor enhancements:
* multiruby now downloads 1.8.6 and 1.9 on virgin run.
* Improved output for the downloads.
=== 3.7.0 / 2007-12-21
* 8 minor enhancements:
* Added add_mapping to make file mappings cleaner.
* Added assert_callback thanks to Aaron Patterson.
* Added autotest/cctray.
* Added extra_files and extra_class_map, allowing .autotest files to be awesome.
* Added url for lettuce principal thanks to Hugh Sasse.
* Added zentest.rb refactorings thanks to Hugh Sasse.
* Exceptions are now an array of regexps, built after :initialize hook.
* Removed ruby_fork and ruby_fork_client. Eric got a faster laptop. :P
* 6 bug fixes:
* Fixed all my annoyances with @exceptions.
* Fixed crasher in autotest/redgreen for non-matches.
* Fixed everything to work with ruby 1.9.
* Fixed rubygem requires causing strangeness in tests.
* Fixed zentest mapping so ruby2ruby and test_ruby2ruby work.
* Removed stupid YAML methods from TrueClass during
testing. (Infected by Test::Rails' use of rubygems)
=== 3.6.1 / 2007-07-23
* 4 minor enhancements:
* Test::Rails::ViewTestCase now uses assert_select.
* assert_form and friends now work with blocks like assert_select
* Allow path_parameters in view tests to be ammended, making working
with routes easier.
* New version of autotest/notify.rb uses notify-send.
* Fixed rdoc formatting on autotest and a couple plugins.
=== 3.6.0 / 2007-05-25
* 4 major enhancements:
* New auto-discovery mechanism to make rspec and friends work independently!
* Moved and restructured camping and rails as plugins.
* Removed rspec - now packaged with rspec and/or as plugin.
* Changed the way FTM tests are named. Allows multiple matricies.
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Added :OK special result value to FTM.
* Hugh Sasse is awesome. Rdoc happiness.
* Parameterized emacs client command.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Dup load path because I'm dum.
* Fixed a lame syntax error in emacs.rb.
* autotest now builds command separator with '&' on windoze. ARGH! Why is this the first I've heard of this?!?
=== 3.5.2 / 2007-04-30
* 4 bug fixes:
* Patch up Rails fixture defaults for Test::Rails::TestCase.
* Session now properly hooked up to controllers.
* ruby 1.8.6 has a bug on 'raise Interrupt' with no args. Fixed on both sides.
* Fixed redgreen to work with new getc/putc-based output. (from Finn Smith)
=== 3.5.1 / 2007-04-17
* 4 bug fixes:
* Fixed gem name to be camel-case again. Fixed on rubyforge too.
* Fixed rdoc for hooks.
* Fixed redgreen, results changed to an array.
* Patch up Rails fixture defaults, since they're not inheriting properly.
=== 3.5.0 / 2007-04-12
* 4 major enhancements:
* Now requires RubyGems 0.9.1 or newer.
* Autotest and unit_diff are both unbuffered. Results are more live.
* Refactored and redesigned how files map to test from Sean Carley. See fixtures plugin as an example.
* Generalize how autotest handler is instantiated and invoked, allowing for many more autotest types, including combos.
* 23 minor enhancements:
* Added all_good hook if initial run was all_good as well.
* Added assert_in_epsilon to ZentestAssertions.
* Added autotest plugin to auto-update source ala tinderbox/cruisecontrol.
* Added autotest plugin to update ichat/adium IM status with code stats.
* Added autotest plugin to update the GNU screen statusbar from Yuichi Tateno.
* Added autotest syntax error handling from Ryan Platte.
* Added autotest/emacs emacs integration plugin!!! YAY!
* Added autotest/migrate.rb.
* Added camping support from Geoffrey Grossenbach.
* Added changed file reporting to autotest via -v flag.
* Added informative summary and filtering via ENV['VERSIONS'] to multiruby.
* Added libnotify support from Kazuo Saito.
* Added lots of rdoc patches from Hugh Sasse.
* Added rjs files to view_test_case.
* Added rspec_autotest "stolen" from
* Added run_command hook to trigger the start of a test run.
* Added tmp to rails' exceptions list.
* Added unit_diff command variable to autotest for customizing flags and such.
* Added zentest_mapping.rb and test.
* Allow session to work in Test::Rails view tests.
* Improved autotest/growl.rb output from imajes.
* Improved autotest/timestamp output from Josh Susser.
* Test::Rails works with Rails 1.2.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Accelerated Test::Rails unit tests via sensible defaults.
* Better assertion messages for ZentestAssertions.
=== 3.4.3 / 2006-12-19
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Add assert_title and assert_h (for header).
* 2 bug fixes:
* Rereleased against latest version of hoe to fix load path problems.
* Fix case ViewTestCase for case-sensitive file systems.
=== 3.4.2 / 2006-11-09
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Add TextHelper for pluralize.
* Add deny_nil to Test::Rails.
* 7 bug fixes:
* Fixed test_help's Flash. It's is a module. Oops...
* Don't run util_audit_assert_assigned if tests didn't pass, results will be bogus.
* Fixed AssertionsTest names to match what autotest expects.
* Fixed bug where deny_includes failed for Symbol keys.
* Switched autotest to use require instead of load... Why??? I don't know!!
* Fixed a minor but annoying whitespace difference in unit_diff.
* Switched argument order of assert_includes and deny_includes to match Test::Unit convention.
=== 3.4.1 / 2006-10-13
* 3 minor enhancements:
* FUNDAMENTALLY changed the way failures map back to tests. This REQUIRES users of autotest to ensure that their tests and impls map 1:1 at every scoping level. I'll blog more details.
* Hoe'd rakefile
* Added support for render :collection to RenderTree.
* 7 bug fixes:
* Fixed autotest tests for custom ruby names.
* Fixed some documentation errors in ControllerTestCase.
* Fixed setup in FunctionalTestCase.
* Allowed @assigns_ignored to contain either Symbols or Strings, bug 5233.
* Using Object.path2class to look up classes in helper test cases, bug 5493.
* Added assert_text_area, bug 5452.
* Renamed assert_select to assert_select_tag. Stupid rails. We were here first.
=== 3.4.0 / 2006-09-12
* 13 minor enhancements:
* Broke out example_dot_autotest into multiple files in lib.
* Enhanced hook system so it can return true if event handled.
* Sleep is now 1 second by default because life is too short.
* Hooked interrupt with new hook system. First handler wins.
* Hooked test results before output
* Accurate test counts for Test::Rails.
* Added snarl autotest plugin, thanks to Patrick Hurley.
* Added timestamp autotest plugin, thanks to Joe Goldberg.
* Added redgreen, thanks to Pat Eyler, Sean Carley, and Rob Sanheim.
* Added kdenotify autotest plugin, thanks to Geir Freysson.
* Added markaby support for Test::Rails.
* Added hack to display a tree of render calls.
* Added hook to perform extra setup for
* 5 bug fixes:
- Extended zentest to deal with rails a bit better... ugh.
- Fixed @libs for windoze.
- Fixed inner class/test identification in autotest.
- Namespaced all plugins... eric is anal.
- No longer freak out if rubygems tarball not in multiruby/versions.
=== 3.3.0 / 2006-07-28
* 1 major enhancement:
* autotest has been rewritten to be much cleaner, now has a plugin system.
* 5 minor enhancements:
* test/rails adds helper tests, "stolen" from Geoff's work, (which was "stolen" from ryan's work. :P)
* autotest turnaround is now faster.
* Added more prune dirs to autotest.
* test/rails rewinds IOs containing captured output. Added assert_empty.
* Document that autotest doesn't run the db:test:prepare rake task when in Rails mode.
* Added ruby_fork, but haven't fully plugged into autotest yet.
* 7 bug fixes:
* Add SIGINT handler to unit_diff to give a more graceful exit.
* Don't strip <> from tempfiles, parse_diff does it for us.
* Fixed autotest problems on windoze. Ugh.
* Fixed broken pipe bug and newline bug in unit_diff.
* Make request_method in ControllerTestCase a String.
* multitest installs rubygems if tarball found in versions dir.
* multitest only configures when makefile is missing. Rebuilds much faster now.
* ruby_fork exits without backtrace and allows redirection of output.
=== 3.2.0 / 2006-04-10
* 1 major enhancement:
* Added Test::Rails.
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Extended autotest for Test::Rails.
* 4 bug fixes:
* Autotest now detects changes in rhtml.
* Improved autotest's file mapping and choice of ruby.
* We've got RDoc, yes we do!
* Removed redundancies in rakefile. Using gem spec for most stuff now.
=== 3.1.0 / 2006-03-29
* 2 major enhancements:
* Added multiruby! YAY!
* Massive improvements to autotest: speed, reliability, reporting, etc.
* 10 minor enhancements:
* multiruby builds in a centralized location. YAY!
* multiruby now allows reinstalls quickly and easily (can even skip config).
* multiruby exits with total sum of exit codes.
* autotest file search is muuuuch faster.
* autotest automatically detects rails mode.
* autotest deals with rails dependencies much better.
* autotest reruns a full suite after you go green to ensure full coverage.
* autotest always runs with unit_diff -u.
* autotest can now run cvs/svn/p4 up periodically to be a mini-tinderbox.
* autotest now has real help.
* 4 bug fixes:
* ZenTest is now zentest. Yay for consistency! (do a rake uninstall to clean)
* ZenTest excludes pretty_print methods.
* Fixed unary operator issues (they were backwards... oops!) for ZenTest.
* unit_diff now runs diff.exe on Windoze. dunno if that will work.
=== 3.0.0 / 2006-03-06
* 2 major enhancements:
* Added autotest and rails_autotest. YAY for continous testing!
* Repackaged and gemified. YAY for gemification!
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Added non-mappable tests starting with test_integration_.
* Lots of code and test refactoring and cleanup.
* Massive improvement on unit tests.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Cleaned up class method inheritence. Esp relevant for rails testing.
* Finally fixed the unit_diff parse bug!
* Fixed improper counting of errors if a class was missing, should be 1 + missing methods.
=== 2.4.0 / 2005-03-21
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Able to audit standard class library (so now we can audit rubicon!).
* Able to map against class methods (self.blah <=> test_class_blah).
* Added -I=rubypath support
* 4 bug fixes:
* bug:1151 Fixed stupid problem w/ unit_diff.
* bug:1454 code generation correctly matches class/module for nested classes.
* bug:1455 Updated method mapping to work on all operators listed in my quickref.
* Realized I'm a moron and did NOT release in March like I thought...
=== 2.3.0 / 2004-11-18
* 6 minor enhancements:
* Massively expanded the method name mappings.
* Added -r flag to reverse map names, for Rails style testing.
* Added -e to auto eval tests generated.
* Added -b & -c flags in unit_diff (passed to diff)
* Added install and uninstall rules to Makefile.
* Added some more doco to README.txt
* 7 bug fixes:
* Cleaned up and refactored tests.
* Changed the way files are generated, to accomodate new flags.
* Added some more tests.
* Added $ZENTEST=true
* Fixed the one-liner diff bug.
* Cleaned up multi-line string diffs by unescaping \n
* Cleaned result for flunks.
=== 2.2.0 / 2004-10-18
* 4 minor enhancements:
* Added LinuxJournalArticle.txt! WOOT!
* Added unit_diff.rb - a very cool filter for test output!
* Extended ZenTest to work with standard input
* Added "ZenTest FULL" to force ZenTest to analyze inherited methods, for subclasses of the standard library.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Extended makefile to be more dynamic and stop diffing versions. ugh.
* Expanded the method rename map to handle <<, *, +, and ==.
* Added more test cases.
=== 2.1.2 / 2004-03-08
* 4 bug fixes:
* Fixed yet another 1.8ism, results will be the same in 1.8 and 1.6.
* Fixed code responsible for method name conversion.
* I am a moron... didn't run tests after updating version.
* Need to convert my diff-based tests to unit tests.
=== 2.1.1 / 2004-03-06
* 3 bug fixes:
* Fixed a 1.8ism.
* Removed zentestrunner. Older ruby users will just have to suffer.
* Updated history to ZenWeb format.
=== 2.1.0 / 2003-01-07
* 3 major enhancements:
* Output is runnable as-is thanks to zentestrunner.rb.
* Wrapped up all running functionality into ZenTest.fix
* Added simple statistic output... Thanks Dave & Andy!!!
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Added zentestrunner.rb until Nathaniel accepts my changes!
* Added a clean rule to Makefile
* 3 bug fixes:
* Removed at_exit override and avoided test/unit altogether.
* Extended README.txt to include some of the rules.
* Fixed several tests and added assertions for new stats
=== 2.0.0 / 2002-10-29
* 2 major enhancements:
* Rewrite of ZenTest.rb into actual OO design.
* Added unit tests, finally...
=== 1.0.1 / 2002-09-28
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Only loads when a class is detected, allows some scripts to be skipped.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Cleaned up output. Verbose when $DEBUG is true.
* Added an error count that is output at end.
* Better filtering or conversion on some method names.
=== 1.0.0 / 2002-09-24
* 1 major enhancement:
* Birthday!
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