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Autotest delays a little bit with fsevent #33

squarism opened this Issue Sep 7, 2012 · 5 comments

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squarism commented Sep 7, 2012

Guard executes from filesave to running the test pretty quick. Autotest initialize sets sleep=1 by default. Why is this? I looked at Activity Monitor while setting sleep to 0 and didn't see much impact. With polling, cpu is very obvious 10-20% on a core.

In my .autotest file:

# tighten up the time before the test is run
ObjectSpace.each_object(Autotest).first.sleep = 0

Which makes it run a bit like Guard. Is this terrible? I don't know what can be done. It's not a singleton, maybe Autotest should be? Maybe nothing needs to be changed but just documenting the workaround.

*** LOCAL GEMS ***
autotest-fsevent (0.2.8)
autotest-rails-pure (4.1.2)
autotest-standalone (4.5.9)

grosser commented Sep 7, 2012

first I'd say go pick another testing tool, autotest is pretty old and pretty bad,

I think you might be able to just do a self.sleep = 0 in your .autotest, since the extensions are loaded in the autotest object

squarism commented Sep 8, 2012

I usually use guard but one project I'm on uses Minitest which won't work with spork and guard. Autotest works and the above fix does work. self.sleep=0 doesn't work within the reopened .autotest class nor outside it.

I'll just post my .autotest file in case it helps someone. It works, I just hate how hacky it is. I wish I could get to the instance of autotest better or catch the init in a Rails initializer?

require 'autotest/fsevent'

class Autotest
  # does not work
  # self.sleep = 0

  # run tests over drb server (spork)
  def make_test_cmd files_to_test
    if files_to_test.empty?
      "" # no tests to run
      "testdrb #{files_to_test.keys.join(' ')}"

# tighten up the time before the test is run
ObjectSpace.each_object(Autotest).first.sleep = 0

# does not work
#self.sleep = 0
@squarism squarism closed this Sep 8, 2012
grosser commented Sep 8, 2012

Looks like load has no access to the current scope (not event instance vars)
it's a weird spot since autotest is already initialized + you do not get access to the instance.
A way would be to have Autotest.sleep and when sleeping do sleep sleep || self.class.sleep so you could overwrite it.
I'd merge a pull for this if you care enough to build it :)


I'll work on it then. :)

Issue #34 pull request opened for this.

@squarism squarism reopened this Sep 12, 2012
@squarism squarism closed this Oct 15, 2012
@squarism squarism reopened this Oct 15, 2012


@squarism squarism closed this Oct 16, 2012
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