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@@ -44,11 +44,17 @@ Delete the shop when a user is no longer a seller
- [Upgrading] in version 0.2.2 the first field(when not given as hash) used bit 2 -> add a bogus field in first position
+ - [Defaults] afaik it is not possible to have some bits true by default (without monkeypatching AR/see [tests]( -> choose a good naming like `xxx_on` / `xxx_off` to use the default 'false'
- Never do: "#{bitfield_sql(...)} AND #{bitfield_sql(...)}", merge both into one hash
- bit_operator is faster in most cases, use :query_mode => :in_list sparingly
- Standard mysql integer is 4 byte -> 32 bitfields
- If you are lazy or bad at math you can also do `bitfields :bits, :foo, :bar, :baz`
+Query-mode Benchmark
+The `:query_mode => :in_list` is slower for most queries and scales mierably with the number of bits.<br/>
+*Stay with the default query-mode*. Only use :in_list if your edge-case shows better performance.

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