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Countries and languages in I18n.locale

In currently 85 languages supplied by I18nData.
Languages and countries are stored as iso 639/iso 3166 - 2 letter code.
Methods are available in views.

@user.country == 'de'
@user.language == 'de'

User is from <%=country(@user.country)%> and speaks <%=language(@user.language)%>
User is from Germany and speaks German.

Please select you language <%=f.select_tag(:language,options_for_select(languages))%>
Select box with all 185 localized languages.

If you have special needs like renaming countries or only displaying a subset, have a look at the code and overwrite as necessary.

DEMO can be found in Gettext example application


gem install countries_and_languages

# Gemfile
gem 'countries_and_languages', :require => 'countries_and_languages/rails'


Michael Grosser
License: MIT Build Status