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My dotfiles -- bash / git / ruby / irb / nano / ruco
Ruby Shell
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bash spring
bin wwtd
.gitignore autoload
Vendorfile autoload
dotbash_profile move .zshrc / .bash_profile when installing and fail on failed commands
dotbashrc heroku
doteditrc get back reverse search
dotgitignore universal vendor/bundle ignore
dotirbrc simple irb prompt + ignore vendor-cache
dotnanorc add secret folder so finally everything is stored securely
dotprofile no relative dirs
dotrdebugrc ruby debug useful defaults
dotrspec run rspec in random order by default
gitconfig cleanup git foobar
install.rb create gitconfig on systems that do not have it

My dotfiles, have a look, try them, give me hints for improvement...


cd ~ && git clone git://

Manual Install

Symlink the files you want to use e.g.

cd ~ && ln -s dotfiles/rspec .rspec

Automatic install

curl -L | bash -s master

it runs install.rb which will:

  • make a backup of all the files it changes to ~/dotfiles_backup_TIMESTAMP
  • replaces .file through links to dotfiles/file for .bashrc .gitignore .irbrc .rspec
  • replace content of .gitconfig, except for [github] and [user] section

Secret stuff you do not want to share

If you add a folder named 'secret' to dotfiles it will also symlink stuff from there. e.g. ln -s /home/micha/Dropbox/Private/dotfiles dotfiles/secret


Michael Grosser
License: MIT

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