Clean and powerful dotfiles -- bash / git / ruby / irb / nano / ruco
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.gitignore autoload Dec 29, 2013
copy_on_ssh.txt improve and fix copy on ssh Feb 23, 2016
dotbashrc cleaner ssh Feb 20, 2016
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dotirbrc simple irb prompt + ignore vendor-cache Dec 29, 2013
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dotrspec fixes Nov 8, 2016
dotruco.rb play with ruco themes Oct 17, 2011
install.rb create gitconfig on systems that do not have it Jul 22, 2014

My dotfiles, have a look, try them, give me hints for improvement...


cd ~ && git clone git://

Manual Install

Symlink the files you want to use e.g.

cd ~ && ln -s dotfiles/rspec .rspec

Automatic install

curl -L | bash -s master

it runs install.rb which will:

  • make a backup of all the files it changes to ~/dotfiles_backup_TIMESTAMP
  • replaces .file through links to dotfiles/file for .bashrc .gitignore .irbrc .rspec
  • replace content of .gitconfig, except for [github] and [user] section

Secret stuff you do not want to share

If you add a folder named 'secret' to dotfiles it will also symlink stuff from there. e.g. ln -s /home/micha/Dropbox/Private/dotfiles dotfiles/secret


Michael Grosser
License: MIT