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Translations on ActiveRecord models (on class-level)

    class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
      validates_presence_of :country_id, :message => _('Select one fool!')

Someting like this did never work with GetText and can never work since at the point the class is loaded neither text_domain nor locale should be set
(no user has logged in yet). The only reason it will blow up now when using FastGettext
is that FastGettext will complain when no `text_domain/locale` is set whereas GetText gave no feedback and merrily returned the msgid.

There are 4 possible solutions I found:

  1. Use gettext_i18n_rails and use N_(‘Select one fool!’) OR translate the Rails I18n key: “” with e.g. “Select one fool!”
  2. use validate do and add the message dynamic
  3. use Rails I18n framework, by adding
                blank: "Select one fool!"

to all config/locales/xxx.yml and remove the :message=>xxx part.
(my preferred solution since it is very simple and reduces logic)

4. Enable procs as custom messages with GeekQs monkey patch

    validates_length_of :archives, :minimum => 1, :message => proc {_('Dont do that!')}