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-== HotRuby
+# HotRuby
-HotRuby is Ruby on JavaScript and Flash.
-HotRuby runs opcode, compiled by YARV(Yet Another Ruby VM) on Ruby. To be precise, HotRuby is Ruby VM on JavaScript and Flash.
+HotRuby is a Ruby VM build with JavaScript and Flash, that runs opcode compiled by Ruby 1.9+
Most of the grammars are implemented. However, exceptions are not implemented. Most of the build-in functions and build-in classes are not implemented.
+# Running it
+ rake build
+ cd web
+ rackup
-== Github?
+# Github?
-It was developed by yukoba ?, the official website is at
+It was developed by yukoba ? [official website](
-The original repository is at, but it seems to be abandoned.
+[original repository]( seems to be abandoned.
-Github to the rescue!
+Github to the rescue!

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